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Rich Catino

Rating: 7.5

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ATBPO, which stands for And The Band Played On, album thirteen from ‘80s hard rockers. Almost 40 years now since the classic debut, Dawn Patrol, Jack Blades (bass, vocals), drummer and singer Kelly Keagy, with guitarist Brad Gillis the remaining original members. Eric Levy on keyboards and second guitarist Keri Kelli have been members since 2011/12. If you are familiar with the three previous albums "Coming For You" fits in a similar contemporary feel. 

Night Ranger still work in the twin guitars and harmonies from time to time with guitar solos, and of course the vocal harmonies are always the focus. Blades and Keagy's voice are vibrant and strong. Gillis, well its Brad Gillis! serving the song delivering melodic to searing guitars, and Kelli compliments him on the albums and on the live stage. Opening riff from the straight ahead rocker "Bring It All Home To Me" is so '80s with a big melodic hook, while "Breakout" works the twin guitar, solo section, and a harder edge. 

More a country feel for "Hard To Make It Easy", also see "A Lucky Man", with lighter guitar and the piano parts, followed by ballad  "Can’t Afford A Hero". "Cold As December" is upbeat, drum build up "Dance" with tuneful twin leads, nice melody, again more a country vibe. Track nine "Monkey" the hardest riff and rocker, but missing that edge and drive like "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" or "(You Can Still) Rock In America". Enjoyable music once again, the Ranger continues to rock just with a little more age and wisdom.  

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