ROBIN MCAULEY - Standing On The Edge

May 5, 2021, a month ago


Sydney Taylor

Rating: 8.0

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ROBIN MCAULEY - Standing On The Edge

Robin McAuley has made an impressive return to the melodic hard rock world over the last decade including his work and live performances with Michael Schenker FEST and last year’s debut of the supergroup Black Swan; featuring bassist Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN) and guitarist Reb Beach (Winger). Robin is back once again with his first solo release since 1999’s Business As Usual: Standing On The Edge, set for release this Friday, May 7, via the Italian hard rock label Frontiers Music SRL.

When this record was announced, I had high hopes out of the gate knowing Robin’s level of immense creativity that we’ve seen shine throughout his most recent projects. Written and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Standing On The Edge not only showcases Robin McAuley’s known strong suits in the world of album oriented hard rock, but also displays his incredible vocal range that has remained unchanged since his time with band’s such as Grand Prix, Far Corporation, and McAuley Schenker Group.

Featured on the album is Andrea Seveso on guitars, co-writer Alessandro Del Vecchio on bass and keyboards, Nicholas Papapicco on drums, and additional features from Howard Leese and Phil Lanzon. The album opens up with the synth fueled “Thy Will Be Done” followed by the record’s hard rockin’ title track, “Standing On The Edge” that gives us the first taste of Del Vecchio’s high gain guitar tone which immediately reminded me heavily of guitar icon, George Lynch’s, recognizable sound.

Highlights on the record include a throwback to Robin’s beginnings; a Grand Prix “reunion” on the song “Like A Ghost” featuring Phil Lanzon, long-time keyboardist for the English rock band Uriah Heep and former keyboardist for Grand Prix. Another standout moment is the AOR dominating track reminiscent of Robin’s Survivor days, “Do You Remember”, which includes one of the catchiest chorus sections on the entire record. Things slow down with the latter half of Standing On The Edge in songs like “Run Away” and “Wanna Take A Ride”, but picks right back up with “Suppose To Do Now” and the album’s closer (as well as one of the record’s most memorable tracks), “Running Out Of Time”.

Standing On The Edge brings listeners a healthy dose of modern sound and production mixed with the nostalgic ‘80s charged sound from which McAuley hailed. Robin’s genuine passion for his most recent creative endeavors shines through in each and every project, and especially on Standing On The Edge; a project close to his heart. “Perhaps this record is not everything I ever wanted to say or record in a solo effort, but it’s how I felt at the time. I’m far from being done. Hope you like what you hear," says McAuley.

Fans of Robin McAuley’s early work on records such as MSG’s Perfect Timing, Save Yourself, and Black Swan’s Shake The World will surely walk away from their first listen wanting to hit replay.

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KILL RITUAL - “Thy Will Be Done”

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