SIGNUM REGIS - Undivided

December 2, 2023, 3 months ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.5

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SIGNUM REGIS - Undivided

Signum Regis conjures all the right elements on their seventh full-length Undivided and marks a return to Ulterium Records. This is power metal done right – riff heavy with just the right amount of keyboard use, technical, melodic solos, thoughtful lyrics, and vocal hooks to keep the listener wanting more. 

All of this is exemplified is opening track “Daniel’s Prophecy” – muscled guitars and vocalist Jota Fortinho showing off his aggression and angelic features in the verses and chorus. The regal affair continues with tracks capitalizing on their strengths with inspired songwriting, insanely catchy tunes (“Salt Of The Earth”, “Prepare For War”), mixed in with aggressive numbers (“Ministry Of Truth”, “Servants Of The Fallen One”). 

This goes further on the closing track “Shield My Soul” (with the intro melody reminding of Iron Maiden’s “Afraid To Shoot Strangers”), an emotional journey with a direct prayer to God in the chorus as a fighter meets his foes in battle, a powerful song that really does hit the soul, regardless of your faith.

There’s much to love on Undivided and while some cuts are stronger than others (“Sea Of Galilee” is forgettable), those that enjoy Theocracy and Keeper-era Helloween will certainly love this. A top notch power metal album that balances melody, aggression, and chorus work brilliantly.

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