TOXIK - Dis Morta

August 18, 2022, a year ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.0

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TOXIK - Dis Morta

One of the most anticipated releases of 2022, Toxik is finally back with a new full-length 33 years after Think This. Dis Morta is chaotic, technical thrash metal that artfully blends the band’s first two albums. Josh Christian, the sole remaining original member, is the star of the show displaying guitar gymnastics to the greatest degree and singer Rob Iglesias fits in with a vast range of vocal theatrics to complement the sharp music.

There’s much to digest in this 44 minute flurry of action as there is a whirlwind of speedy numbers, abrupt transitions, and turbulent rhythms. Title track and opener “Dis Morta” displays menacing guitars with Iglesias belting out the highest of shrieks, but proceedings pick up on the swirling, shark attack of “Feeding Frenzy”. The go-for-the-throat, all-out thrashers are the star of the as the 3-minute “Straight Razor” is unrelenting while the highlight “Devil In The Mirror” starts with a piano (!) before erupting to a lightning quick speedster. “Hyper Reality” features a robotic, strange rhythms similar to Voivod while “Creating The Abyss” comes in with mathematical precision which could fit right on Think This.

The best part is all the guitar histrionics from Christian; the guy is showing off his abilities, but it stays within the confines of the song. On multiple listens, different guitar parts stick out and the ending of “The Radical” leaves an exasperated expression of “How the hell is this guy playing this?” Some modern sensibilities eek their way in on occasion with the riffing and in the production effort, but Dis Morta is well worth the wait. Fans of Heathen, Coroner, and Watchtower will want to get their hands on this beast.

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