BraveWords Museum In Photos: October 2nd - 8th Birthdays

October 10, 2023, 8 months ago

By “Metal” Tim Henderson

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BraveWords has one of the biggest music collections on the planet, with thousands of items signed. Each week we will showcase the last seven days of birthdays featuring some of the greatest releases in hard rock and heavy metal history. From October 2nd - 8th, the following albums/releases celebrated an anniversary. Click the gallery above to view all the photos from the past week. 

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Happy 59th 
KINKS’ Kinks - October 2nd, 1964

Happy 53rd
PINK FLOYD’s Atom Heart Mother - October 2nd, 1970 
PINK FLOYD’s fifth album, Atom Heart Mother, was released 53 years ago today (October 2nd, 1970). 🎂

Happy 41st 
ACCEPT’s Restless And Wild - October 2nd, 1982
BraveWords asked guitar legend Wolf Hoffmann recently about “Fast As A Shark” being one of the first speedy metal songs.  

"It was just born out of fun and a little bit of shock value,” he says. “We wanted to shock parents and we wanted to have a little bit of shock value in everything we did. Our drummer Stefan Kaufmann he was all into that, at the time. The more extreme the better, and he actually came up with that idea for that double, that song initially, and then we finished writing it together. I contributed the intro and the chorus. But it was all basically, there was no deep meaning, or we didn't think to was going to be anything that special as it later on turned out to be, you know? And we kind of left it alone after that. It wasn't until years later that people told us what a huge influence that song had on their career or on the music scene, in general. Back in those days we didn't really, we weren't aware of it at all. We just released that song, we liked it, it was great, it did what it did, but we didn't think much of it, other than that. We didn't really want to start a whole genre or anything. We didn't want to take it to more extremes. But it's a huge honour to find out later that it influenced so many people. It's amazing, isn't it?"

Happy 39th 
BATHORY's Bathory - October 2nd, 1984

Happy 28th 
IRON MAIDEN’s The X Factor - October 2nd, 1995
IRON MAIDEN’s tenth studio album and first with Blaze Bayley. 

Happy 27th 
ARCH ENEMY’s Black Earth - October 2nd, 1996

Happy 23rd 
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’s Musique - October 2nd, 2000
A very young Liv Kristine Espenæs! THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’s fourth studio album, Musique, turns 23 today (October 2nd, 2000). 

Happy 22nd 
MACHINE HEAD’s Supercharger - October 2nd, 2001

Happy 8th 
QUEENSRŸCHE’s Condition Hüman – October 2nd, 2015

Happy 2nd
ENSLAVED - Utgard - October 2nd, 2020

Happy 43rd 
DIAMOND HEAD’s Lightning To The Nations - October 3rd, 1980

Happy 33rd
BLIND GUARDIAN’s Tales From The Twilight World - October 3rd, 1990

Happy 29th 
TWISTED SISTER’s Live At Hammersmith - October 3rd, 1994

Happy 32nd 
SAVATAGE's Streets: A Rock Opera - October 4th, 1991

Happy 30th 
ENTOMBED's Wolverine Blues - October 4th, 1993

Happy 29th 
DREAM THEATER’s Awake - October 4th, 1994

Happy 18th 
EXODUS’ Shovel Headed Kill Machine - October 4th, 2005

Happy 53rd 
LED ZEPPELIN's Led Zeppelin III - October 5th, 1970

Happy 44th 
RIOT's Narita - October 5th, 1979

Happy 42nd 
SAXON's Denim And Leather - October 5th, 1981

Happy 30th 
DEF LEPPARD’s Retro Active - October 5th, 1993

Happy 5th
BEHEMOTH - I Loved You at Your Darkest - October 5th, 2018

Happy 51st
GENESIS’ Foxtrot - October 6th, 1972 

Happy 37th 
METAL CHURCH’s The Dark - October 6th, 1986

Happy 25th 
MY DYING BRIDE’s 34.788%... Complete - October 6th, 1998

Happy 25th 
SEPULTURA’s Against - October 6th, 1998

Happy 14th
KISS' Sonic Boom - October 6th, 2009

Happy 9th 
SANCTUARY’s The Year The Sun Died – October 6th, 2014

Happy 37th 
SLAYER's Reign In Blood - October 7th, 1986

Happy 36th 
EXODUS’ Pleasures Of The Flesh – October 7th, 1987
Steve Zetro leaves LEGACY (soon to be TESTAMENT) and joins EXODUS on their second album, Pleasures Of The Flesh, which is 36 today (October 7th, 1987). 

I’d always been curious about the spoken word on “Deranged”. Gary Holt told me who the voice was: "That was a homeless guy on Church Street in San Francisco that we caught. We named him Tom Skid. He was just a homeless guy around the neighbourhood, and we brought him into the studio and recorded him. We did pay him a large jug of wine to do it. You know, in this day and age people would accuse us of taking advantage of a derelict homeless guy because we did pay him a large jug of wine to do it. It's different times!"

Happy 30th 
METAL CHURCH’s Hanging In The Balance - October 7th, 1993

Happy 27th
MY DYING BRIDE’s Like Gods Of The Sun - October 7th, 1996

Happy 26th 
ROTTING CHRIST’s A Dead Poem - October 7th, 1997

Happy 35th 
BATHORY’s Blood Fire Death – October 8th, 1988

Happy 32nd 
SOUNDGARDEN's Badmotorfinger - October 8th, 1991
GORGUTS’ Considered Dead - October 8th, 1991 

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