QUEENSRŸCHE / ARMORED SAINT Deliver The Warning In New Jersey!

May 13, 2024, a month ago

By Rich Catino

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On April 30, 2024, the Queensrÿche Origins Tour played the first EP and The Warning albums in their entirety, with Armored Saint (40th anniversary of the debut album March Of The Saint), arrived at the Starland Ballroom in NJ. 

Saint played an hour set mixing up throughout the tour swapping out two or three songs a night. Having seen Armored Saint several times over the decades they are a force to be reckoned with. Guitarists Jeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval, bassist Joey Vera and drummer Gonzo drive the rhythm and are locked in from the first note. During the ‘80s, overseas were represented by the NWOBHM, and the U.S. had Saint amongst others. "End Of The Attention Span" off the latest album opened tonight followed by classic title track to Raising Fear. 

Singer John Bush sounded strong with his tone unchanged stomping his way around the limit space since the Ryche stage set and drum took up a lot of space. Two in a row from Symbol Of Salvation - "Tribal Dance" and singalong "Last Train Home", back to the debut for "March Of The Saint". I was lucky enough to check out their sound check (thanks Vera, and Jack Frost) and they jammed on "The Pillar" which was also played tonight from 2000’s Revelation. The Saint then brought down the house with the one two punch of hits "Can You Deliver" and "Reign Of Fire" (Duncan and Sandoval coming together for the solo harmony) closing out the set. 

Queensrÿche doing this Origins Tour setlist, fans receive a new appreciation how different they were at the time (1982-86) pre-Operation Mindcrime, and ahead of the curve. Down to only two original members from those albums (guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson), joined by alum Mike Stone on guitar, Casey Grillo on drums, and since 2012 the voice Todd La Torre who gave the band a rebirth, return to their roots he has earned his place in the band's history, and to sing these classics. Lots of fitting green and blue lights, fog, and an elevated larger drum kit, first EP logo backdrop, a cohesive aesthetic stage and music production. They are playing these songs "to the T". 

Crowd go nuts for opener "Queen Of The Ryche" following the album tracklisting - "Nightrider", "Blinded" and one of my favorites the melodic mystic sounding "The Lady Wore Black". Todd introduces the debut, songs like "En Force", "Before The Storm", and ballad-esque "No Sanctuary", "Child Of Fire" many progressive ideals in these compositions. It's evident Rage For Order would be next. And hit "Take Hold Of The Flame" has even become even more legendary, reaching a whole new audience on YouTube from reaction videos, mostly non metalheads. 

Oh, and of course tonight's crowd sang along putting a smile on La Torre's face. The eight minute equally progressive and heavy "Roads To Madness" closed out The Warning set, tacking on said album bonus track "Prophecy" was great. Final encores have been different, tonight we got the title track to Mindcrime. Go see this tour, it’s a must.

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