AEROSMITH Drummer Joey Kramer On New Autobiography - "I Combined The Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Depression And Everything Else I’ve Been Through"

September 16, 2009, 14 years ago

news rock hard aerosmith recently caught up with AEROSMITH drummer Joey Kramer to discuss his new book, Hit Hard - A Story Of Hitting Rock Bottom From The Top. An excerpt is available below

Q: Did you take any experiences from the Aerosmith autobiography Draw The Line and incorporate them into your own book Hit Hard?

Joey: "No, not really. This is all pretty much new stuff. Well, I don’t know. This book is completely mine. I don’t really recall that much participating in the other one. So this one is about my stuff, my journey, and my experiences from being in Aerosmith, from my point of view. I find it a little bit more interesting in that I combined the drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and everything else I’ve been through into this book."

Q: You also chose Nikki Sixx to do the foreword for this. I was wondering why you chose Nikki than say, somebody you grew up with? Is it because he had experienced the same type of demons you did?

Joey: "I wanted someone who had the same experience and who was on the same page so to speak. Like it says in there he is a kindred rock and roll spirit and he has been through a lot of the same shit that I have been through, and plus we are buddies!"

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An excerpt from Hit Hard: A Story Of Hitting Rock Bottom At The Top:

"What I didn't know back then was that not only would Steven (Tyler - singer) and I - and three other guys - change the face of rock 'n' roll, but Steven himself would become my mentor as well as my hero and (one of) my demons. He would serve as a kind of surrogate father figure for me in a dysfunctional dynamic that continued the pattern of confusion I felt between love and abuse as a child. It would be a central part of our relationship - and it would torment me for years."

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