ARJEN LUCASSEN Pays Tribute To Legendary Actor RUTGER HAUER - "I’m Truly Honored To Have Had The Privilege To Work With A True Icon"

July 30, 2019, 2 years ago

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ARJEN LUCASSEN Pays Tribute To Legendary Actor RUTGER HAUER - "I’m Truly Honored To Have Had The Privilege To Work With A True Icon"

Legendary Dutch screen actor Rutger Hauer, who appeared as a narrator on Ayreon mastermind Arjen Lucassen's 2012 solo album, Lost In The New Real, passed away on July 19 at his home in the Netherlands after a short illness. He was 75.

According to Variety, Hauer’s agent, Steve Kenis, confirmed the news and said that Hauer’s funeral was held last Wednesday.

Lucassen has posted the following statement regarding Hauer's passing:

"Sad news... Dutch actor Rutger Hauer has passed away. Ayreonauts may know him from his unforgettable narration as Dr. Voight Kampff on my solo album, Lost In The New Real. Rutger has been my actor-idol ever since I saw him in the Dutch series Floris, back in the sixties. And I still think he should have gotten an award for his amazing performance in Blade Runner, truly timeless stuff.

They say ‘never meet your idols’, but Rutger has never disappointed me. While we were working on the album, I Skyped with him for a few weeks and we had a lot of fun. He insisted on writing his own narration, and he really immersed himself into the story. Lori (Linstruth) recorded him in a studio in LA, and found him to be a perfect gentleman. I’m truly honored to have had the privilege to work with Rutger, a true icon. What I liked most about him is that he always stayed true to himself. I never had the feeling that he ‘faked it.’ I think I’ll watch Blade Runner now for the umpteenth time, tears in rain!"

Hauer's most cherished performance came in a film that was a resounding flop on its original release. In 1982, he portrayed the murderous yet soulful Roy Batty, leader of a gang of outlaw replicants, opposite Harrison Ford in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi noir opus Blade Runner. The picture became a widely influential cult favorite, and Batty proved to be Hauer’s most indelible role.

In addition to his prolific acting career, Rutger Hauer was a lifelong environmental advocate. Read more about Hauer's life and career at

When Arjen Lucassen announced back in 2012 that he was able to enlist the talents of Rutger Hauer as the narrator for Lost In The New Real, he revealed: “This is a dream come true. Rutger is not only one of my favorite actors, he also starred in my all-time favourite sci-fi movie, Blade Runner.”

Rutger also enjoyed the collaboration with Arjen, stating, "It was marvellous work, very creative.”

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