BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME To Reissue Sophomore Album The Silent Circus

June 17, 2020, 2 years ago

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BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME To Reissue Sophomore Album The Silent Circus

Craft Recordings announces the vinyl reissue of The Silent Circus - the sophomore album from progressive hardcore rockers, Between The Buried And Me.

Originally released in 2003, The Silent Circus established the North Carolina five-piece as a force to be reckoned with in their genre. Now, as Between The Buried And Me celebrate their 20th year together, this special reissue - newly remixed and remastered by the group’s longtime collaborator, Jamie King - offers fans the chance to revisit one of the band’s early masterpieces. Available for pre-order today, the double-LP will be available July 31, while a limited-edition version, pressed on purple marble vinyl, will be sold exclusively via the band’s website. The title will also be reissued concurrently across all streaming and digital platforms.

In 2002, Between The Buried And Me introduced themselves to the hardcore scene with their fierce, self-titled debut. The group’s exceptional musicianship, sharp lyricism, and unique blend of progressive metal with cerebral math-rock not only impressed critics, but also the A&R team at Victory Records, who quickly signed the band to their roster.

For their sophomore effort, the group traveled north to record with producer Matthew Ellard (Elliott Smith, Juliana Hatfield, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) at Boston’s legendary Q Division Studios. Laying down tracks like “Ad A Dglgmut,” “Reaction,” and “Mordecai” - one of the band’s most enduring singles - Between The Buried And Me once again proved their extraordinary technical skill and ability to move seamlessly between musical styles.

For years, The Silent Circus has been an anomaly in the band’s catalog - standing out as their only studio full-length not produced by Jamie King. When it came time to revisit the record, however, they turned to their longtime collaborator to offer his take on the album. King remixed and remastered the record at The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC.

“It’s been a great experience to revisit the more chaotic moments of our catalog with The Silent Circus,” says frontman Tommy Rogers. “Hearing this album with new ears has really helped us appreciate the many transformations we’ve exhibited over the years. I hope the fans enjoy diving into this insane album again as much as we have.”

Click here to pre-order/pre-save The Silent Circus (remixed and remastered). Exclusive album bundles are also offered in the Craft Recordings store.

The Silent Circus vinyl tracklisting:
Side A:
1. "Lost Perfection" a) "Coulrophobia"
2. b) "Anablephobia"
3. "Camilla Rhodes"

Side B:
1. "Mordecai"
2. "Reaction"
3. "Shevanel Take 2"

Side C:
1. "Ad A Dglgmut"
2. "Destructo Spin"

Side D:
1. "Aesthetic"
2. "The Need For Repetition"

(Photo - Juan Pardo)

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