October 14, 2009, 12 years ago

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Legendary Swedish death metal horde HYPOCRISY have enlisted the help of CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist/frontman Alexi Laiho for their upcoming North American tour. Alexi has agreed to temporarily fill the currently vacant guitarist spot on their tour alongside ENSIFERUM, HYPOCRISY, EX DEO, BLACKGUARD, SWASHBUCKLE. HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren commented:

“We’re very happy to bring Alexi along on this tour and that he’s helping us out with filling the 2nd guitarist position. Funny, the first Children Of Bodom show was a support gig for Hypocrisy on the Nuclear Blast festival in ‘98. Since then me and Alexi have become very good friends. I’ve helped him with producing and he´s helped me by contributing a guitar solo on one of my records with my other band PAIN. There will be no shortage of alcohol on this tour that’s for sure.”

Hypocrisy our dates can be found here.

Hypocrisy are preparing for the October 23rd (Europe)/November 3rd (North America) release of their epic eleventh studio album, A Taste Of Extreme Divinity. Produced by Hypocrisy mastermind Peter Tägtgren himself, the album is an eleven track balancing act of pure aggression and technical precision. Following on the formidable heels of 2005’s Virus, Divinity manages to push the band – rounded out by Mikael Hedlund on bass and the mighty Horgh behind the kit – to even greater heights. Check out a sneak peek into the studio in the band’s latest album trailer below. The band has uploaded the track 'Hang Him High' to their MySpace page.

The North American mail-order version of A Taste Of Extreme Divinity will feature three exclusive bonus tracks, which can now be pre-ordered at this location in various formats and bundle packages.

The tracklisting:

'Valley Of The Damned'

'Hang Him High'

'Solar Empire'

'Weed Out The Weak'

'No Tomorrow'

'Global Domination'

'Taste The Extreme Divinity'


'The Quest'

'Tamed "Filled With Fear"'

'Sky Is Falling Down'

Bonus Tracks:

'The Sinner'

'Taste The Extreme Divinity' (2008 Demo)

'Valley Of The Damned' (2008 Demo)

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