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Melodic death/doom metal band Coldbound have revealed the identity of their official full time guitarist: Samuli Federley. He introduced himself via social media with the following message: 

"I was born in 1981 in Helsinki, Finland. I started playing guitar at the age of 10. From an early age I was strongly interested in music so I also play piano and drums but guitar is considered as my main instrument.

The early days were spent with heavy practicing and learning everything about guitar and music. I studied several years in pop/jazz conservatory in Helsinki and finally entered the Stadia, Polytechnics in Helsinki from where I graduated as a guitar pedagogue. 

I have played in several bands and worked also as a session musician. I've recorded guitars for over 10 albums to this day and one of them has received a gold record status in Finland. I've also released three solo albums and done demo videos and music for different companies. Besides these duties, I teach guitar in a local music institute.

In my music I combine various musical styles such as rock, metal, classical, electronica, pop and merge those into a unique ensemble. They are presented in a virtuosic and energetic manner that appeal to all kinds of listeners.

I mainly perform as a solo artist. I have toured for example in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Korea, China and Romania. I have performed with such legends as Steve Vai and Michael Monroe."

Coldbound recently released the single “Slumber Of Decay”, which marked the metal comeback of Liv Kristine (Theatre of Tragedy, Leaves' Eyes) and Meiju Enho (Ensiferum). Coldbound mastermind Pauli Souka checked in with the following update:

"We move on with the album progress. To finally reveal the scale of this project we give you some numbers for the double album.

The album process got launched almost exactly three years ago, July 2018. The whole entity consists of approximately 17 songs, with the work being based on a script structure, with a hint of a soundtrack twist, making it a full storyline presented through music. Yet again, it’s a full blown metal production.

The number of instruments used on this album is uncountable, everything from acoustic and orchestral instruments, to electric and analog and metal music gear.

The approximate number of tracks per song is 200-400.

The number of guests participating is over 50.

The tracks have been recorded both within continental Europe and North America.

Thousands and thousands of working hours, and now we finally see the last part of this road opening ahead of us. More information will soon be revealed, so be prepared for more detailed news and album glimpses.

There are no limitations, only passion to make music."

Coldbound recently revealed they have parted ways with Liv Kristine, releasing the following statement:

"As all of us know, these two years have been affected by the situation of the global pandemic. Traveling restrictions have been of a huge obstacle, hence caused multiple delays concerning the music writing aspect. There has been lots of changes within the general aspect, up to a point that we simply cannot come up with further options how to conduct the work that has started several years ago.

This process involves dozens of musicians / artists and already it has taken a big chunk of monetary value and a lot of time and effort. With all the respect to all people involved and to the music itself, which is the main driving force, and seen all this work being at stake, we have, in mutual understanding, come to the difficult situation to finalize this work without the presence of Liv Kristine.

This painful decision has to be done in order to develop and move forward. As future is not carved in any stone, there is always the possibility to collaborate in one way or another with Liv Kristine. This decision is purely music-driven to ensure the completion of the only purpose of Coldbound; the music.

We like to thank deep from our hearts any single contribution of Liv Kristine, and no one knows what the future might reveal in our expressionistic crossroads."

"Slumber Of Decay" featuring Liv Kristine was released back in February. Check out the official video below.

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