DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (D.R.I.) To Release New EP In June; Audio Teaser Streaming

May 18, 2016, 6 years ago

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DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (D.R.I.) To Release New EP In June; Audio Teaser Streaming

Alpha Omega Management has announced the signing of the legendary D.R.I. to its roster. The band’s new EP, But Wait… There’s More, will be released on June 10th via Beer City Records. Pre-orders at this location. An audio teaser can be found below.

The upcoming EP was produced by Bill Metoyer, who also produced the band's third, fourth and fifth studio albums - Crossover, 4 Of A Kind and Thrash Zone.

The band comments: "D.R.I. is excited to announce the joining of forces with Alpha Omega!"

Alpha Omega Management adds: "We're so ecstatic to welcome the Myth of Hardcore Punks D.R.I. to our Family! After all these years the band goes on stage with the same passion and entusiasm as 33 years ago, if possible today even harder and louder! They deliver a perfect mix of crossover thrash combining elements of punk rock, hardcore, thrash metal, speed metal and heavy metal together with their punk roots. These guys have something for everybody to love and enjoy!”


“Against Me”
“As Seen On TV”
“Mad Man”
“Couch Slouch”

The Dirty Rotten Imbeciles’ history begins on May 2nd, 1982 around 4 PM, in the city of Houston, TX. It was on this day that the musically aggressive quartet we now know as D.R.I. made their first Dirty Rotten noise and called it a song. After six releases along the years, D.R.I.'s latest effort Full Speed Ahead came out in 1995 and now the band is set to unleash a new 5-song EP on June 10th, being so their first release in over 20 years.

D.R.I. has been cited by many metal and punk musicians worldwide as an influence on their own music, including Slayer, Anthrax, Dark Angel, Municipal Waste, Kreator, Death Angel, Vio-Lence, Nuclear Assault and Cryptic Slaughter.

For the past 33 years, D.R.I. has been the epitome of the aggressive, hardcore-punk thrash sound that we've all become accustomed to hearing. Throughout this time, they've been one of the few genuine underground bands to remain true to their pure punk roots. Still actively touring, recording and thrashing just as hard, and just as loud as ever, continuing to overload our senses with the sound that is, and will always remain, uniquely D.R.I.

D.R.I. has been playing an average of 90 shows a year lately around the world. A list of upcoming shows can be found here.

D.R.I. are:

Spike Cassidy – guitars (1982–present)
Kurt Brecht – vocals (1982–present)
Harald Oimoen – bass guitar (1999–present)
Walter "Monsta" Ryan – drums (2015–present)

(Band photo: Jana Perry Photography)

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