DOWN - Guitarist Kirk Windstein Replaced By Stage Manager / HONKY Founding Guitarist Bobby Landgraf

October 1, 2013, 10 years ago

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Guitarist and founding member Kirk Windstein has reportedly left NOLA metal band DOWN. Kirk joined the band in 1995 and recorded three albums with the group.

With details on the split yet to be revealed, Kirk is still the front man for CROWBAR, but with Pat Bruders leaving the band and Tommy Buckley having cancer surgery, things are a little crazy for Kirk right now.

A message from Kirk via Facebook states: "I will say it again... With my decision months ago to focus 100% on Crowbar, Pat resigned as our bassist, and I respect his decision because it's impossible to give 100% to two bands. I am giving my ALL to Crowbar as he is giving his ALL to Down. There is no animosity... no drama... Just great music being written by all, and that sounds pretty awesome to me!!!"

Longtime Down stage manager and HONKY founding guitarist Bobby Landgraf is replacing Windstein as Down’s new guitarist. Bobby currently lives in Austin, Texas and was also in GHADZILLA and BLOWFLY. Bobby formed Honky in 1996 with BUTTHOLE SURFERS bassist JD Pinkus. Honky just finished a massive tour with THE MELVINS.

Down's Phil Anselmo (ex-PANTERA) has uploaded a short video from his New Orleans studio, Nodferatu's Lair, where the band are writing material for their upcoming new EP, expected in early 2014.

Anselmo recently posted new pictures from the writing sessions.

To check out more pictures, head to

On September 11th, Metal Kaoz conducted an interview with Anselmo, who revealed that Down had written the first new song for the new EP. Phil stated: "This first song that we wrote is very very BLACK SABBATH infused Down and very raw and heavy and I'm very happy with it."

Listen to the audio interview at this location.

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