GLENN HUGHES Looks Back On BLACK SABBATH’s Seventh Star Album - “I Don’t Sound Like OZZY OSBOURNE And I Don’t Sound Like RONNIE JAMES DIO”; Video

June 29, 2016, 5 years ago

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GLENN HUGHES Looks Back On BLACK SABBATH’s Seventh Star Album - “I Don’t Sound Like OZZY OSBOURNE And I Don’t Sound Like RONNIE JAMES DIO”; Video

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) took part in a press conference at this year's Hellfest (June 17th - 19th) in Clisson, France. Video of the session is streaming below. Hughes discusses the Black Country Communion reunion, his upcoming solo album, and more.

Asked about the Black Sabbath album Seventh Star, which he sang lead vocals on, Hughes states: “Oh my God, I don't remember the '80s. If you read my book, I don't recall the '80s. Somebody told me that I did a couple of records in the '80s. I'm not being funny. I don't remember so much unless you tell me. I remember you, you come over to my house, you took all your clothes off… well, I dunno, maybe. But I know that when I listen to Seventh Star - and Tony (Iommi) is one of my best friends - I’ve done three albums with Tony. I have great moments with Tony. I'm proud of Seventh Star. I don't sound like Ozzy (Osbourne) and I don't sound like Ronnie (James Dio), who I love very much. Again, I’m a fan of other singers. But I'm proud of the work with Tony. I'm just a different person now than I used to be."

Watch the interview below:

Hughes recently spoke with Denmark's Metalized about his forthcoming as-yet-untitled solo album. Following is an excerpt from the interview.

Hughes: “I was going to make this album in America, in LA, and I was going to co-produce it with somebody else, somebody that is a more famous producer. I knew Soren (Andersen) was going to play guitar with me in America. I knew he had this place and I said: ‘I wrote the songs. I know what they are about. I know what sounds there should be, maybe you can help me produce it?’. It’s his studio, and it’s working out great because he really understands my music. Producing is not so much about the sound. It’s about the arrangement and the drama of the song. To me it’s not technical. It’s about soulful things.”

“Soren understands me and the elements I have in my music whether it’s Detroit or very British, West Midlands, Black Country. My music is definitely Tamla Motown and rock. When I say Tamla I don’t want to scare people. I am going back to my roots, and Soren understands my roots. I have played with quite a few guitar players and he embraces what I write. He doesn’t try to change it. I have worked with other famous guitar players who – bless their hearts – but they have not been able to fully understand where I am going. It sounded great but it wasn’t completely Glenn. This album will be the first kind of complete Glenn album.”

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Glenn Hughes and team are now in a Copenhagen, Denmark studio to record his first solo album in eight years. Joining Glenn in the studio are: Søren Andersen (guitars), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Lachlan "Lachy" Doley (keys).

Glenn's first studio video update can be seen below.

In live news, Glenn Hughes has just added shows in South America to his 2016 Solo Tour after last years' triumphant first return to the region in almost 10 years. The shows will encompass three countries and seven cities, all taking place in September.

Joining Hughes, will be fellow band members Søren Andersen (guitars) and Pontus Engborg (drums). Show tickets will be on sale soon, in addition to VIP Upgrade Packages. Glenn's complete tour schedule is as listed:

9 - Ram's Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD
10 - BB King's - New York City, NY
12 - The Blue Ocean - Salisbury Beach, MA
13 - Bull Run - Shirley, MA
15 - Ironworks - Buffalo, NY
16 - Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY
18 - Sellersville Theater - Sellersville, PA
19 - Rascals - Albany, NY
21 - Token Lounge - Detroit, MI
22 - Music Factory - Battle Creek, MI
24 - Appalshop Theatre - Whitesburg, KY
25 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
27 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
30 - The Ritz - San Jose, CA
31 - Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA

2 - Count's Vamp'd - Las Vegas, NV
3 - The Whisky - Los Angeles, CA
15 - Teatro Vorterix - Buenos Aires, Argentina
17 - Bar da Montanha - Limeira, Brazil
18 - Carioca Club - Sao Paulo, Brazil
20 - Music Hall - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
21 - Teatro Odisseia - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
23 - John Bull - Florianópolis, Brazil
25 - Teatro Nescafé de las Artes - Santiago, Chile

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