MEGADETH - Mike Learn Set To Create Cover For The System Has Failed

July 5, 2004, 17 years ago

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According to a posting at MEGADETH's website, artist Mike Learn to produce cover art for their upcoming album, The System Has Failed. According to Learn's site, the artist has chosen to do the art on the medium he is known for, sheet metal. The piece will be created on a 64" by 36" piece of 16 gauge steel, weighing it at over 25 pounds.

"This project is the biggest I have ever taken on," Learn says on his website. "The confidence of Dave and his fans have pushed me to a new level. I will not let them down. In all my years as an avid metal fan, I had always admired the work on the Megadeth albums. I always found it inspirational to say the least. In my opinion, Ed Repka is one of the best in the business. Big shoes to fill. This is a golden opportunity to show the world what I am capable of doing. These chances don't come along too often and I feel totally blessed to take Dave's ideas and scramble them up in my head and make a vision of all the input. So exciting to be apart of what so many people have a passion for."

A slide show which will be regularly updated with progress photos of the cover can be viewed here.

As previously reported, the first single from Megadeth's upcoming album, The System Has Failed, is 'Die Dead Enough' and it will go to metal radio around July 19th and rock radio approximately July 26th. The System Has Failed will be released by Sanctuary Records on September 14 and will feature the following tracks: 'Blackmail The Universe', 'Shadow Of Death', 'My Kingdom', 'Of Mice And Men', 'Truth Be Told', 'The Scorpion', 'Kick The Chair', 'Something That I’m Not', 'Tears In A Vial', 'Die Dead Enough', 'Back In The Day'. The album was recorded at Phase Four studios in Tempe, Arizona and will feature cover artwork by Ed Repka. Former Megadeth axe CHRIS POLAND plays solos on most of the record.

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