RIVERS CUOMO’S College Life Inspires To Write Music

September 12, 2019, 4 years ago


RIVERS CUOMO’S College Life Inspires To Write Music

The most common practice for musicians is quitting school and then joining the music industry and not the other way around. Rivers Cuomo decided to do things the other way around by quitting playing for the band known as Weezer to pursue higher education. 

Although he went to college, music didn’t really leave him alone, but it was constantly present in his DNA. He continued writing songs and pursuing other musical avenues within his college. 

What can you learn from Rivers Cuomo college life? Here is how it has inspired songwriting and took the music scene by storm. 

Rivers’s long-time dream of going to college

Rivers Cuomo started writing music, singing and playing instruments at a very young age. In the ’90s, he released a song with the lyrics that mentioned that he would like to go back to school at an east coast college with some history. 

In the song, he further mentioned that he would be satisfied with the simple things. Rivers’s wish did come true and he went back to school, but things took a dramatic twist from then. What is Rivers Cuomo college life story?

Harvard boy continues writing songs

Upon acceptance at Harvard, Rivers made his way to campus with a bearded face. Later on, Rivers wrote six songs during his college life that formed his album titles Pinkerton and then paused his academic life to go on tour. 

All the adventured found at college helped him grow his music writing skills to be more scalable amongst college students. Years down the line, he is now a household name to geeks and is labeled the godfather of emo music. 

Some of the songs he wrote were based around his college experiences and the things he saw around him. Those songs, later on, became hits because of their authenticity and relativity to most students.

Two great examples of these songs are El Scorcho and Pink Triangle. They seem to be about two different women and Rivers agreed to this in an interview. 

He didn’t disclose anything further than that about El Scorcho, but he did tell a little more about Pink Triangle. The song Pink Triangle was inspired by a girl he was in the same class with that was a lesbian and he had a crush on her. 

He then gave away a little nugget of wisdom on writing a great love song. Rivers mentioned that the best phase to write a song is before you know that person well. 

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Rivers bled his college experiences in song

Rivers also used the medium of writing songs to vent his emotional pain due to his anonymity in college and other emotional pain he went through. Throughout his college career, he used all the pain inflicted on him to write great songs that other students would enjoy. 
Above the emotional pain, Rivers had to undergo a leg operation which caused immense physical pain. To deal with that, he also took out that pain in song and he mentioned in an interview that the physical pain sweetened the results of his craft. His classes have also had an impact on his brainstorming period because the curriculum he was studying inspired his writing.

Rivers’s college years have also humbled him and improved his self-assurance. That bettered him as a musician and an individual. The public doesn't know much about Rivers Cuomo Santa Monica College life; however, it is no doubt that it had a great deal of music in it.

What can be learned in Rivers Cuomo’s college life and music

Rivers used music to come out of the blues and get a grip on his sanity. Students can also use this coping mechanism of using their environment to write music. Various studies prove that music is highly beneficial to your mental health. Music helps you to write, play, exercise, and what not. 

Music can also be a great substitute for doing untoward activities like drugs and other risky things students do. Also, going to college doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop pursuing your musical career dreams but you can juggle both. Education is important but not at the cost of extra-curriculars. 

The bottom line

Rivers Cuomo is a great example that depicts how education is important to succeed in life. As a bonus to going back to college, Rivers managed to improve his music writing skills. The real-life experiences he got in college made him write hit songs that even his peers enjoyed. That is opposed to his first attempt in music which didn’t give him the popularity in the crowd he intended. To all students that would like to pursue a career in songwriting use the inspiration that surrounds you every day in classes and on campus to write great songs.

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