SOiL Guitarist Shaun Glass: "Sometimes We Get Compared To METALLICA Or PANTERA"

July 6, 2006, 15 years ago

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Rock My Monkey ( has issued an interview with SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass, conducted by Linda Ode. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: So have you heard any comparisons, or what are some of the comparisons you’ve been getting to other bands?

A: "Who we get compared to?"

Q: Yeah.

A: "Yeah, I mean sometimes we get compared to METALLICA or PANTERA, or the typical heavy, heavy rock metal bands. And you know that’s great. ALICE IN CHAINS obviously we’re compared to, but you know I love all three of those bands that I mentioned, so cool. I’d rather be compared to them than fuckin’ ATREYU."

Q: Yeah, well I myself can hear some Pantera influence, you know especially in the riffs. Is that a band you guys definitely get some influence from?

A: "Oh yeah. We toured a lot, on Redefine, we did a lot of touring with DAMAGEPLAN and obviously we were really tight with Dime and you know all them and Pat was one of the guys that suggested AJ to us when we were looking for singers. The former singer of Damageplan. So I mean automatically yeah, we listen to a lot of Pantera. Especially before we go on stage. Like we’ll get a couple shots going and just crank… I swear to God I think we’ve listened to Far Beyond Driven like every night before we go on stage on this tour, so. I mean it’s just you know, just a classic sounding metal band you know. There’s no denying they’re an influence on me and my guitar playing and my riffs you know. I’ll never deny that. I listen to so much music, but I’ll always love the classics."

Q: Yeah, so what other band inspire or influence you guys as a band, as a whole. Or is there?

A: "We kind of listen to a variety of stuff. Like AJ really likes KING'S X a lot and he likes MESHUGGAH. Adam likes you know like SHINEDOWN and COLD, a lot of the more radio rock. Whereas I listen to all the brutal stuff like you could like, my Ipod would be like CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE CURE, and DEPECHE MODE, and SLAYER, you know. Tim like, he’s a huge MÖTLEY CRÜE fan since he was a kid. And Tom likes a lot of uh, he likes a lot of the more straightforward rock like AC/DC and stuff so. We’re really diverse and yet it really kind of makes the Soil sound you know. And it’s cool. There’s so many new bands out there, but I wish some of them… I wish some of them bands would have more of their own identity. That’s the problem I have with a lot of new bands. They all sound the same. Not that we sound like the newest thing in the world, but we’re not trying to be the most original band in the world. I think we sound like ourselves, but at the same time it’s like, you can hear our influences and we’re proud of them you know."

Check out the complete interview at this location.

Soil released their newest album, True Self, back in May. The album was #3 most added at metal radio it's first week with 58 adds and a debut at #39 at FMQB and 156 adds at CMJ. The album also debuted at #7 on the UK Rock/Metal Chart.

True Self, featuring the band’s new lead singer AJ Cavalier, was produced by Ulrich Wild (STATIC X, PANTERA, DEFTONES, SEETHER).

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