STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Demos & Rarities LP Details Revealed

March 27, 2013, 9 years ago

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Blood Music has revealed the "mystery" 7th LP to be included in the long-awaited, long-suffering STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 7xLP box set, which will be available for pre-order beginning April 17th.

The Demos & Rarities LP contains virtually every SYL bonus track that ever existed, remastered for vinyl.

Says Blood Music: "Before we move forward, we should let anyone know with an inkling of an interest in the TOM JONES 'What's New, Pussycat?' cover that is endlessly referenced on the internet... We asked about this track, and it was never finished and does not exist."

About the art: "Seempieces | Illustration & Design by Travis Smith asked us: 'What do you wanna do about that extra record with all the bonus tracks?'

Blood Music: "Just scribble the SYL logo."

Travis: "Scribble?"

Blood Music: "Yup, in little circles. Like a sketchpad."

Travis: "OK, sounds cool."

Demos & Rarities LP tracklisting:





'Home Nucleonics' ('96 demo)

'Headrhoid' (Gunt demo)

'Detox' ('96 demo)

'AAA' ('96 demo)

'The Long Pig'


The Strapping Young Lad 7xLP box set will contain all five Strapping Young Lad full-lengths, as well as extra vinyl dedicated to the band's non-album material, plus other special, newly-created gifts (yet to be announced).

The new cover art for the SYL debut and the band's second album City, created by Seempieces | Illustration & Design by Travis Smith, can be viewed below:

"This LP cover was created to exhibit the cracked and fractured expression in SYL's debut work. Devin Townsend led the initial design process, requesting a clean and pure approach to the artwork."

"This LP cover was created to capture the glitchy, glossy, technical, out-of-control feeling of SYL's brilliant sophomore effort. This album saw SYL come into its own in spades -- including the first formation of the actual, physical band. City was the most difficult of the covers to realize, with heavy involvement by Devin Townsend / Jed Simon / Blood Music all striving to capture the perfect feeling of the album, while giving a deep nod to the original, iconic artwork."

The genre-busting Canadian industrial/death band has never seen their seminal albums, Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, SYL, nor The New Black touch wax before. Their other two records, City and Alien, were pressed in ultra limited numbers of 500 copies only and sold out within months of their release.

The previously posted photo below features SYL mastermind Devin Townsend backstage in the process of signing posters for the release.

Details and graphics will be revealed nearly every day for the month via the Blood Music label's Facebook page at this location.

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