TARJA TURUNEN - "I Believe If You Are Honest With The Music Then People Can Reach The Message Easier..."

May 20, 2009, 12 years ago

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SonicCathedral.com has issued an interview with singer TARJA TURUNEN (ex-NIGHTWISH). The following is an excerpt from the interview, conducted by Jason Levine in New York city on April 28th:

Q: This is your first time touring solo [without Nightwish] in the United States. What made you decide to come out here finally?

A: "You know this is my third try I think already (laughs) to come here so I’m actually really, really happy it finally came true. My wishes were fulfilled. You know I have lots of followers here in the United States and they have been supporting me a lot in my solo career as well as in my previous career with Nightwish. So it has been really marvelous to get their support and now it’s very important for me to give my best for them. Back to them somehow. This gratitude that I have."

Q: Speaking of Nightwish. You were let go in a very bad public way. It’s been a few years since the letter and you seem much happier now. How have things been for you after going through that experience?

A: "Well many things have changed. Actually the whole career as a solo artist is radically different than being a member of a band. I mean everything is different. The whole organization around me. I have to be deciding more things on my own. I mean there is so many things. Also the responsibility that I’m carrying on my own is of course very different than before. But the thing is that I have learned so many things. Every day is such a different day and I’m also writing songs on my own today so I’m really happy to be able to do that. To have that sort of freedom to explore what is inside of my soul and my heart. Then let people hear that. What’s really there. That has been a really beautiful thing."

Q: So you’re doing a lot more writing. What is it like to be more involved in that process rather than just being the singer?

A: "Of course it gets more personal. That’s what it all is. I mean it gets really personal and you know it’s just very rewarding. I have to be so honest with the music today that’s because I believe in that. I don’t know if this is a very naive thought in a way but I believe if you are honest with the music then people can reach the message easier and the music touches them. I mean music is the emotion for me and that’s all about it. I want to deliver emotions for the audience. For the listeners. That is it. That’s the beauty in it. It’s so lovely to be a musician. It’s a privilege today to be an artist."

Read the full interview at SonicCathedral.com.

As previously reported, Tarja added four new songs to the setlist for her Storm Returns To America - Tormenta Regresa A America tour, at her May 16th concert in Mexico DF; three songs she had previously performed with Nightwish: 'She Is My Sin', 'Sleeping Sun' and 'The Kinslayer' and 'Wisdom Of Wind', which was released in 2009 on a special version of My Winter Storm.

Watch a video of Widsom Of Wind (incomplete) and Sleeping Sun below:

(Thanks Metalfromfinland.com)

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