THE DARKNESS Release Lyric Video For New Single "Nobody Can See Me Cry"

September 8, 2021, a week ago

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THE DARKNESS Release Lyric Video For New Single "Nobody Can See Me Cry"

The Darkness - frontman/guitarist Justin Hawkins, guitarist/producer Dan Hawkins, bassist Frankie Poullain, drummer Rufus Taylor - will release their new album, Motorheart, on November 19 via Cooking Vinyl. A lyric video for the second single, "Nobody Can See Me Cry", is available for streaming below.

Motorheart is a record of immeasurable rock and roll extravagance and yet another masterpiece from England’s favorite rock icons. Album pre-orders are available at the band’s official store, here

Brimming with their trademark blazing guitar riffs, solos and soaring falsetto, below is the lyric video for the first single, the title track of The Darkness’ newest opus. Of the song Justin says, “’Motorheart’ rocks harder than anything we’ve done before. It makes me happy and proud to crank it up and literally shake my Swiss chalet to its foundations. Dan did an awesome job on the production, it’ll take your face off, but your skull will be grinning from meatus to meatus. Please, to enjoy.”

Paying homage to a devoted sex robot named Motorheart, the album growls, pounds and stomps with Rufus Taylor’s drums, Frankie Poullain’s bass and Justin & Dan Hawkins’ guitars all turned up to 11, whilst Justin’s trademark vocals soar to ever more earthquaking levels. Drop the needle anywhere on Motorheart and be instantly transported from this moaning and weeping vale of tears to Elysian fields of rock where all hands are raised, the drinks - just as in the Club Tropicana of yore - are free, and everyone wears a pleasingly salacious grin. Does it rock? Is the sun hot? Has your partner’s touch grown cold? The Darkness are the Orwellian boot stamping on the flaccid face of limp rock, forever!

Motorheart tracklisting:

"Welcome Tae Glasgae"
"It’s Love, Jim"
"The Power And The Glory Of Love"
"Jussy’s Girl"
"Sticky Situations"
"Nobody Can See Me Cry"
"Speed Of The Nite Time"
"You Don’t Have To Be Crazy About Me… But It Helps" *
"It’s A Love Thang (You Wouldn’t Understand)" *
"So Long" *

* bonus deluxe tracks

"Nobody Can See Me Cry" lyric video:

"Motorheart" lyric video:

The Darkness will be showcasing the live potency of Motorheart on their extensive 22-date UK headline tour starting in November. The band will be making it over to the North American shores in 2022. Keep up with all their live dates here.

(Photo - Simon Emmett)

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