Today In Metal History November 21st, 2021QUEEN, RUSH, KISS, LOUDNESS

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Today In Metal History  November 21st, 2021QUEEN, RUSH, KISS, LOUDNESS


Happy 46th Birthday KISS Army - November 21st, 1975

Indiana natives Bill Starkey and Jay Evans founded the legendary KISS Army after a local radio station WVTS refused to play KISS. During KISS' 1975 show at Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute, Starkey was brought on stage and honored with a plaque from the band.


R.I.P. Peter James "G" Grant (LED ZEPPELIN, THE YARDBIRDS, BAD COMPANY): April 5th, 1935 November 21st, 1995


Happy 71st
Gary Pihl (SAMMY HAGAR, BOSTON) - November 21st, 1950


Happy 46th
QUEEN's A Night At The Opera - November 21st, 1975

Happy 41st
REO Speedwagons Hi Infidelity - November 21st, 1980

Happy 40th
LOUDNESS' The Birthday Eve - November 21st, 1981

Happy 38th
LOUDNESS Live-Loud-Alive: Loudness In Tokyo November 21st, 1983

Happy 32nd
RUSHs Presto - November 21, 1989

Happy 25th
ANVILs Plugged In Permanent - November 21st 1996

Happy 15th
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's As Daylight Dies - November 21st, 2006

Happy 9th
FLOTSAM & JETSAMs Ugly Noise November 21st, 2012

Happy 14th
THE OCEAN's Precambrian - November 21st, 2007

Happy 10th
THEOCRACYs As The World Bleeds November 21st, 2011
STORMZONEs Zero To Rage November 21st, 2011

Happy 7th
BLOODBOUNDs Stormborn November 21st, 2014
CENTINEXs Redeeming Filth November 21st, 2014
CRIPPERs Hyena November 21st, 2014
THE DUSKFALLs Where The Tree Stands Dead November 21st, 2014

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