TURISAS Announce Details Of New Studio Album, The Varangian Way

March 27, 2007, 15 years ago

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Finnish battle beasts TURISAS strike back with the frenetically awaited follow-up release to 2004’s debut Battle Metal. Titled The Varangian Way, this opulent and inspired masterpiece, which was recorded at Sound Supreme Studio and then mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio (NIGHTWISH, HIM, APOCALYPTICA), transcends all sub-styles within the heavier metal worlds and unites each and all of their different elementary nuances into an experience unlike any other in a current scene of copycat bands.

Vocalist and producer Warlord explains the complex ideas behind this stunning new opus: "The album is based on a concept story which is fictional, but strongly tied to real historical persons and events. It's a journey of a group of Northmen, who travel down the East-European river route through the lands of modern day East Europe. This was an important trade route in the 9th-11th centuries and the Northmen going in this direction were called Varangians who took this route to Kiev and finally Constantinople. The album follows this journey and the songs are events that take place on the road. As much as it is a journey of these men, it is also a journey in a search for self and identity - something which the protagonist is going through throughout the story. The varying surroundings can clearly be heard on the album as it features a lot of influences from the different cultures and people our travellers would have encountered on their journey.

Making this album was a very challenging task. I started developing the idea and framework for the concept soon after “Battle Metal” was released in 2004 and it demanded a lot of groundwork and studying. The songs were written between mid-2005 and 2007 when it was clear what every song would be about. In the end of 2006 we were finally ready to enter Sound Supreme Studio together with co-producer Janne Saksa to record the album. It took over two and a half months of work to record the album and two weeks of mixing at Finnvox studio together with Teropekka Virtanen to finally finish the album in March 2007. The sound is big, pompous and orchestral, but also features a lot of progressive elements and ethnic influences. It's a daring blend of many different styles, but I'm confident that people are musically open minded enough to swallow this album. All in all I would say that it is a natural step forward from “Battle Metal” to a more mature sound - still definitely TURISAS, but at the same time different.”

The album will hit stores in Europe in June and will contain the following new battle hymns: 'To Holmgard And Beyond', 'A Portage To The Unknown', 'Cursed Be Iron', 'Fields Of Gold', 'In The Court Of Jarisleif', 'Five Hundred And One', 'The Dnieper Rapids', 'Miklagard Overture'.

Having converted many a fan to join their army during past appearances at renowned festivals like Wacken, Tuska, Earthshaker, Party.San, Bloodstock, Nummirock or Summer Breeze, as well as an European tour with DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and more recently a sold-out UK tour with Finnish megastars LORDI, Turisas are now launching their second and most striking attack with the release of The Varangian Way and they have subsequently confirmed slots at Summer events like Graspop, With Full Force, Rock Hard Festival, with plenty more relentless touring to come.

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