UNISONIC Drummer Talks About Debut Album, Touring In New Interview

June 20, 2010, 11 years ago

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The German website More-metal.com conducted an interview with UNISONIC - the band featuring former HELLOWEEN singer Michael Kiske, Dennis Ward (bass) and Kosta Zafiriou (drums) of Germany's PINK CREAM 69 and Swiss guitarist Mandy Meyer (ASIA, GOTTHARD, KROKUS) - after their show at the Sweden Rock Festival. Excerpts from the chat with drummer Kosta Zafiriou can be read below:

About the band and the future releases:

Zafiriou: "From the beginning, it was planned as a real band and not a project. During the festival season or afterwards we are recording the demo and search for a record label and the production will start afterwards. They want to establish the band with several steps. With a lot of touring, recording albums and so on. We have eight or nine songs ready, but until now not recorded on a demo. After the following festivals we will write more songs. Dennis, Michael and Mandy do the song-writing. I am doing more the organization. But we have three very talented song writer in the band. We wanted to release an EP before the festivals. Sorry it didn’t work out. But it will be worth the waiting. We have already written fantastic song and some more will follow. It’s probably be the beginning of next year when the new album will be released. Soon afterwards, we will go on tour and everyone is invited."

About Sweden Rock Festival and touring:

Zafiriou: "We never played before in this line-up, so it’s quite a new band. We had just played 3 small club shows and one big festival. The playing together went very well and Michael's voice was in a very good condition. These two things are very important for the band. The gig in Sweden Rock Festival was very good, but had some delay because of the storm in Sweden and some security issues because of the broken down tower. It was a fantastic experience for such a new band. The album version of 'A Little Time' has an effect part, but Helloween did in the past also some jamming part during this song. So Michael came with this idea and they tried this out during rehearsals... sure all of us grew up with PRIEST's Unleashed In the East... that are the roots and everybody was immediately participating. During the shows you see the surprised joyful faces in the audience and when Michael let out the high-scream they almost get tears in their eyes... it's a cool feeling... and then we continue with the end of 'A Little Time' and that is the 'grande finale' of the concert.

About how Unisonic will sound:

Zafiriou: "Since we did not want to release something which is not worked out completely. That’s why we didn’t release demos until now or some stuff on Myspace. We did not really make a secret of the whole thing, but did not spread to many rumors. But there were so many people out there who were curious how the new material will sound. We have received lots of mails with questions, if there are some Helloween songs or something similar. At that time we didn’t know exactly how Unisonic will sound. When we did our first rehearsals everyone was exited and smiled. It was a great experience."

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