Why Gamblers Get High Even When They Lose

April 22, 2021, 3 years ago


Why Gamblers Get High Even When They Lose

The concept of gambling is common among the old and the younger generations of the 21st century. Many people had to stay indoors to adhere to the world health organization rules after the global pandemic that hit the world in 2020.

Being indoors became monotonous to the majority of them. As a result, they had to find something better to do. Others got into free online courses, while some turned their hobby into a career. 

Gambling is among the activities that were embraced by most Polish citizens and other people globally. 

Polish online casinos experienced a surge in customers. New entrants also got into the market to meet the rising demand for gaming services. However, one thing that surprised most people to date is how gamblers get high even after they lose. That's why we consulted our expert Klara Czerwinska (view profile) for clarifications.

Here Is Why Gamblers Still Get High After Losing

We understand that gambling primarily relies on chances. However, Polish players need to understand that selecting the ideal gambling platform from the 
polskie kasyno online list is just a start. 

The chances of losing and winning are never constant, and they keep changing depending on the applied strategies. That's why gamblers always have two expectations whenever they stake on a game-a lose or win.

Players react differently under such instances. Some get too excited when they win, and those that treat it normally. Likewise, some get saddened by their losses on the Polish sites while others keep going. But why do gamblers get high frequently, even after losing?

Many researchers have been on the ground to establish the possible reason for that. A finding revealed that whenever gamblers stake on a game, various sections of the brain get activated.

When such activation happens, the brain gets different emotions. There is also a rapid adrenaline rush that gets triggered by the emotions. That happens mostly when they win, and they are happy about it. However, there is no difference when they lose the bet. 

The same parts get activated, making the body have almost similar feelings to that they had when they won. Such emotions make the body feel that it's close to winning. The reality is that the feelings are the same, convincing their bodies to react the same, hence going high even after a loss at the casino sites. It's all about the psychology of gambling.

Does Remaining High After Losing At The Casinos Help?

After knowing the common reason why the gamblers get high even after losing, you will want to know if they benefit them. Remaining high is suitable for gamblers because it's a great way of controlling their destructive emotions that leads to depression. 

In the end, they end up spending all the stake because of the illusion that everything is ok. Players who tend to remain high try to justify such feelings by gambling more. Unknown to them, they minimize their chances of winning. It only happens because of addiction.

How Do You Control The Gambling Addiction?

The choice lies with you

When you want to turn around your psychology of gambling addiction, you must understand that the decision lies with you. If you don't decide by yourself, you will not get out of the cage of addiction. No one will force you to stop getting addicted to gambling unless you make the decision voluntarily. It all starts when you learn how to gamble and win.

Join A Group

Getting into a group of gamblers who have suffered similar problems and speaking out to them will allow you to overcome your gambling addiction. Never keep your problems to yourself, yet some people will help you. The advantage is that there are many gambling groups online that will provide you with the best platform for sharing your problems.

Finally, if you are undergoing a gambling problem, don't hesitate to speak out to experts because they will help you overcome it. Also, practice ways that will help you jump out of the addiction problem.

If it's your friend or relative that is undergoing a gambling problem, don't stigmatize them. Instead, speak to professionals to help them become better. You should also look for an activity that will keep you occupied during your free time. 

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