THRILLER - Street Metal

October 27, 2023, a month ago


Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.5

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THRILLER - Street Metal

No Michael Jackson riffs in sight, with the German youngsters' debut. Have no idea at what level of commitment or ages, when they started, but the core claims to have been together, in other bands, since 2005. So maybe they aren't THAT young!

Ode to metal women, "Iron Goddess" kicks things off, with speedy riffs, higher vocal register and a clicking, electronic drums. It's pretty much the blueprint throughout the remaining seven cuts, with slight variations to the formula. "Aiming For Freedom" doubles down on the virtual click track drumming, albeit a more mid-tempo, sing-along. At least until the spirited guitar break. "Proud To Be Different" almost has an 80s Sunset Strip feel (even down to the a cappella shout-out), with a positive lyrical affirmation. Back to break-neck speed for "Days Are Gone", which features a "Stand Up And fight" call to arms, since rights are being abridged "before they bury us alive. We don't forget. We don't forget." 

Come the guitar section (typically reserved until the final third of each song), there's some hard driving action and ever heightened vocal pitch. If not for the locale, could see "Bring Me The Light" as an energetic, convertible top down, highway cruising tune. Then again, there is the Autobahn! Staccato, mid-tempo stomp of "Spikes And Leather" is about selling one's soul for heavy metal. More speed, with a cheery, clean voice for "City's On Fire", before ending with another stab at more (European) mainstream rock, in the form of "Falling Night", with its lyrical undercurrent of rebellion against the status quo. 

Infectious exuberance throughout the album: a fun listen.

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