70000 TONS OF METAL 2024 - Day 2: Open Waters, Open Minds... Metal, Of All Kinds!

February 5, 2024, 2 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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Sunshine, and the topside, pool deck stage is open. However, a stiff wind adds a chill to the tropical night air. The ship bustles with activity, folks navigating from the 11th floor, home of the aforementioned outdoor venue, as well as the (nearly) round-the-clock buffet, to the show place on the 3rd and 4th floors. It's practically impossible to walk 100 feet without a roving beer stall, although there are plenty of bars sprinkled throughout. 

First band of the day was Tygers Of Pan Tang, in the massive ballroom/theater, offering a mix of ‘80s classics and more current fare. Herman Frank & Victory were in the bright sun, while the ladies of Nervosa set the converted ice rink, aka Studio B, ablaze (yes, there typically is an arena aboard ship, not for recreational use, but professional ice shows to entertain the usual cruise crowds, not 70K though). Grave Digger introduced new axeslinger Tobi Kersting to a wider audience, with a rarities set, predominately culled from their early works. 

A dose of Viking death is always welcome, in the form of Unleashed, while Angra showcased their technical excellence (plus a couple of Andre Matos era gems) in the theater. A chance to see My Dying Bride, especially on these shore (or even offshore) is a treat and despite issues paring a pair of tunes, still wonderful. Katatonia preferred to play in virtual darkness, somewhat fitting and a nightcap of Sodom, career spanning deep cuts (including a Venom cover) was unbeatable. Small sample of what transpired. Enjoy! 

A full, detailed report will follow.

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