70000 TONS OF METAL 2024 - Day 3: Dominican Pit-Stop, Bands Return Appearances

February 6, 2024, 4 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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After a morning/afternoon in the sun/pools/shops and bars of Puerto Plata, back aboard The Freedom Of The Seas, the cruise saw repeat performances, kicking off at 5 PM. Some bands opt to essentially air the same material, albeit in a different running order. The most adventures put together a completely new set, sometimes at the expense of favorites played at the earlier gig. 

It's always a crap shoot: "Should I see the second show by the established/favorite artists (and potential repeats) or check out a lesser known entity, at the conflicted time." While it would seem that those who played Monday would most likely be reactivated on Wednesday, but that's not always the case: time and availability of the varying size stages dictates that a few play on successive dates.

Cleaned up and hunger fed, it was time to rock! Took in portions of both the masked Warkings and Latvian folk of Skyforger, once festivities renewed. Kataklysm go to play the on deck stage, as did Grave Digger and Blind Guardian, each opting for a widely different repertoire than the first night. The Canadians chose to showcase In The Arms Of Devastation. 

Chris Boltendahl mostly stuck to the Digger's ‘90s catalog (although ending both show with the same trio of classics). Blind guardian have so much to pick from that sprinkling a few newbies, amongst the established hits can easily occupy a couple of nights. 

While BraveWords did not oblige, there were still (scheduled) bands going onstage at 5AM. Tomorrow's another day!

Take a gander at the gallery. A full report will be posted soon.

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