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November 6, 2023, a month ago

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BraveWords has one of the biggest music collections on the planet, with thousands of items signed. Each week we will showcase the last seven days of birthdays featuring some of the greatest releases in hard rock and heavy metal history. From October 29th - November 5th, the following albums/releases celebrated an anniversary. Click the gallery above to view all the photos from the past week. 

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Happy 52nd
PINK FLOYD's Meddle - October 30th, 1971

Happy 40th
MERCYFUL FATE's Melissa - October 30th, 1983

Happy 38th
ANTHRAX' Spreading The Disease - October 30th, 1985
The band’s second album and first full-length to feature new singer Joey Belladonna. 

Happy 34th
JOE SATRIANI’s Flying In A Blue Dream - October 30, 1989

Happy 33rd
KING DIAMOND's The Eye - October 30th, 1990

Happy 32nd
CARCASS’ Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious - October 30th, 1991
32 years ago today (October 30th, 1991) Michael Amott joined CARCASS and the extreme Brits released their brilliant third album, CARCASS’ Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious. 

Happy 23rd
HELLOWEEN’s The Dark Ride - October 30th, 2000
It was called the “dark ride” for a reason. HELLOWEEN’s stunning ninth album, The Dark Ride, was released 23 years ago today (October 30th, 2000). Roy Z and Charlie Bauerfeind steering the band gracefully behind the boards. 

Guitarist Roland Grapow talked to me about that era: “It was hard work, and a lot of emotions, and fighting. That’s why it’s called The Dark Ride - because that was the band situation. And they didn’t even realize when I wrote the song in the studio, the last one I wrote was ‘The Dark Ride’, but ‘Escalation 666’ was about the band members. And I wrote both of the songs in the studio, I was so late. They nearly wanted to fire me already. I said sorry, ‘I’ll change, I’ll do everything for Helloween now.’ Live, I did everything - I played all the shows - but after the tour we were fired. There was not even one little fight we had. I told Weikath maybe he should play more guitar, because he was really lazy. And fans always came to me especially in South America, asking ‘what’s with this guy? He always looks bored, he’s not enjoying himself”. But he’s still the same. He’s still on stage looking like he’s lost.” 

Happy 23rd
CHILDREN OF BODOM’s Follow The Reaper - October 30th, 2000

Happy 17th
MELECHESH’s Emissaries - October 30th, 2006

Happy 37th
POSSESSED’s Beyond The Gates - October 31st, 1986

Happy 23rd
THE HAUNTED’S Made Me Do It - October 31st, 2000

MACABRE’s Dahmer - October 31st, 2000 
Perfect menu for a Halloween! 🎃 🍽

Happy 12th
METALLICA AND LOU REED's Lulu - October 31st, 2011

Happy 49th
SCORPIONS' Fly To The Rainbow - November 1st, 1974

Happy 44th
AEROSMITH's Night In The Ruts - November 1st, 1979 

Happy 41st
VENOM’s Black Metal – November 1st, 1982
VENOM’s hugely influential second album, Black Metal, was released 41 years ago today (November 1st, 1982).

Happy 35th
RATT’s Reach For The Sky – November 3rd, 1988
The last studio album to go platinum (one million units) in the US. 

Happy 29th 
MEGADETH’s Youthanasia – November 1st, 1994
Apparently the cover was banned in Malaysia and Singapore because it was “disrespectful”. Dave Mustaine says it represents “children being hung out to dry” by society, and refused to change the cover.

Happy 26th
NIGHTWISH’s Angels Fall First – November 1st, 1997

Happy 56th
CREAM’s Disraeli Gears - November 2nd, 1967

Happy 54th
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL’S Willy And The Poor Boys - November 2nd, 1969 
This was the third album CCR released in 1969!

Happy 36th
DOKKEN’s Back For The Attack - November 2nd, 1987

Happy 24th
BRUCE DICKINSON’s Scream For Me Brazil – November 2nd, 1999

Happy 14th
KATATONIA's Night Is The New Day - November 2nd, 2009

Happy 46th
TRIUMPH’s Rock & Roll Machine - November 3rd, 1977

Happy 43rd
WHITESNAKE’s Live...In The Heart Of The City - November 3rd, 1980

Happy 36th
U.D.O.’s Animal House - November 3rd, 1987
The first album by U.D.O., following Udo Dirkschneider's departure from ACCEPT. 

Happy 31st
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’s Rage Against The Machine - November 3rd, 1992

Happy 14th
SLAYER’s World Painted Blood - November 3rd, 2009
SLAYER’s last album with Jeff Hanneman. 

ROB HALFORD's Halford III - Winter Songs - November 3rd, 2009

Happy 46th
RAMONES’ Rocket To Russia - November 4th, 1977

Happy 42nd
BLACK SABBATH's Mob Rules - November 4th, 1981
What else can you say? They part ways with OZZY and release two of the greatest metal albums of all time! And this was darker and heavier than the first! Last year BraveWords asked Geezer Butler why they came back with such a vengeance?

“I think it was because we’d established the lineup and people had accepted Ronnie. When we recorded Mob Rules we were more confident. We also didn’t want to repeat Heaven And Hell. We just took it as it came. I think the songs ‘Sign Of The Southern Cross’ and ‘Falling Off The Edge Of The World’ are two of the best Black Sabbath songs ever.”

Happy 37th
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN’s Trilogy - November 4th, 1986

Happy 26th
SOUNDGARDEN’s A-Sides - November 4th, 1997

Happy 21st
IRON MAIDEN’s Edward The Great - The Greatest Hits - November 4th, 2002

Happy 20th
CANNIBAL CORPSE’s 15 Year Killing Spree – November 4th, 2003

Happy 53rd
LED ZEPPELIN - Immigrant Song / "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do"  - November 5th, 1970

53 years ago today (November 5th, 1970) we heard an unreleased LED ZEPPELIN song: Happy 🎂 “Immigrant Song” backed with "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”.  

Happy 27th
NEVERMORE’s The Politics Of Ecstasy – November 5th, 1996
Named after Timothy Leary's book, NEVERMORE’s unstoppable second album, The Politics Of Ecstasy, was released 27 years ago today (November 5th, 1996). 

Happy 22nd
Echoes: The Best Of PINK FLOYD – November 5th, 2001 

Happy 21st
SYMPHONY X’ The Odyssey – November 5th, 2002

Happy 16th
OPETH’s The Roundhouse Tapes – November 5th, 2007
Recorded at Camden Roundhouse in London, England, UK on November 9th, 2006, OPETH’s great live album The Roundhouse Tapes, turns 16 today (November 5th, 2007).

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