BraveWords Museum In Photos: October 9th - 15th Birthdays

October 16, 2023, a month ago

By “Metal” Tim Henderson

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Happy 45th
JUDAS PRIEST's Killing Machine - October 9th, 1978
45 years ago today (October 9th, 1978), JUDAS PRIEST brought out the leather and the studs! Happy 🎂 Killing Machine (Hell Bent For Leather in North America). 

Happy 47th 
SCORPIONS' Virgin Killer - October 9th, 1976
SCORPIONS' fourth album, Virgin Killer, turns 47 today (October 9th, 1976). 
In 2017, BraveWords asked ULI JON ROTH about the original artwork: “When we did the album I didn't think there was anything wrong with it. But now since I have a daughter, I find it quite embarrassing. Not that I didn't see it, because I was just a kid. I thought, why not? It wasn't my idea, it was the record company’s idea.”

Happy 33rd
SLAYER's classic fifth studio album, Seasons In The Abyss, was released 33 years ago today (October 9th, 1990). 

Happy 23rd 
HAMMERFALL's Renegade - October 9th, 2000

Happy 16th 
MY DYING BRIDE’s A Line of Deathless Kings (October 9th, 2007).
OVERKILL’s Immortalis - October 9th, 2007
MEGADETH’s Warchest – October 9th, 2007

Happy 11th 
KISS' Monster - October 9th, 2012

Happy 43rd 
THIN LIZZY's Chinatown - October 10th, 1980

Happy 32nd 
BENEDICTION’s The Grand Leveller - October 10th, 1991

Happy 29th 
ANNIHILATOR's King Of The Kill - October 10th, 1994

Happy 49th 
MONTROSE's Paper Money - October 11th, 1974

Happy 19th 
BEHEMOTH’s Demigod - October 11th, 2004

Happy 18th
ROADRUNNER UNITED's The All-Star Sessions - October 11th, 2005

Happy 10th 
DEATH ANGEL’s The Dream Calls For Blood - October 11th, 2013
The first time in DEATH ANGEL’s history that they cracked the Billboard Top 100 (#72). 

Happy 12th
JUDAS PRIEST's The Chosen Few - October 11th, 2011
A collection of classic JUDAS PRIEST tracks chosen by the likes of OZZY, LEMMY and ALICE COOPER! 

Happy 29th 
THE CULT’s The Cult - October 12th, 1994
Ian Asbury: “The Cult is closer to our Love album in style, but the songs we have on the new release reflect far better where we are today.”

Happy 29th 
GORGOROTH’s Pentagram - October 12th, 1994

Happy 14th 
W.A.S.P.’s Babylon – October 12th, 2009

Happy 50th
GENESIS’ Selling England By The Pound - October 13th, 1973

Happy 47th 
TRIUMPH’s Triumph - October 13th, 1976

Happy 45th 
AC/DC's If You Want Blood You've Got It - October 13th, 1978

Happy 37th 
SAXON’s Rock The Nations – October 13th, 1986

Happy 34th
ACE FREHLEY’s Trouble Walkin’ – October 13th, 1989 
Leaving the Comet behind, ACE FREHLEY released his raucous fourth album, Trouble Walkin’, 34 years ago today (October 13th, 1989). 

Happy 34th
OVERKILL’s The Years Of Decay – October 13th, 1989
The last OVERKILL album to feature guitarist Bobby Gustafson. 

Happy 26th 
SAXON’s Unleash The Beast - October 13th, 1997

Happy 49th
JETHRO TULL’s War Child - October 14th, 1974
JETHRO TULL’s seventh studio album, War Child, turns 49 today (October 14th, 1974). 

Happy 46th 
KISS' Alive II - October 14th, 1977
Hit #5 in Canada and #7 in the US. KISS' Alive II celebrates 46 years today (October 14th, 1977). 

Happy 40th 
RIOT’s Born In America - October 14th, 1983
The last with singer with Rhett Forrester. 

Happy 38th 
IRON MAIDEN's Live After Death - October 14th, 1985
331 days and 187 concerts. Iron Maiden’s World Slavery tour was an epic adventure. The stage was based on Powerslave’s Egyptian theme.

Happy 29th
JIMMY PAGE + ROBERT PLANT’s No Quarter - October 14th, 1994
29 years ago today (October 14th, 1994) JIMMY PAGE + ROBERT PLANT got UnLedded. 

Happy 9th 
EXODUS’ Blood In Blood Out – October 14th, 2014
The band's first album with vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza since 2004's Tempo Of The Damned. 

Happy 9th
OZZY OSBOURNE’s Memoirs Of A Madman – October 14th, 2014

Happy 45th
TOTO’s Toto - October 15th, 1978
"Well, we knew what we wanted,” guitar legend Steve Lukather said about the album which featured their major hit, “Hold The Line”. “We had all been working with other people and making records for other people at that point. I had just started becoming a studio musician, really. I was out with Boz Scaggs for that summer tour, Silk Degrees, one of his biggest tours. Seven Nights at the Greek sold out, it was a magical time for me as a young kid at that time to jump in at such a high level. We had already been doing some demos for Toto in January of that year and we went out in the summer with Boz. Jeff (Porcaro) and I were on that tour, and Steve Porcaro was on that tour. We just had the greatest time, and when we got back, Sony offered us a deal. It was Columbia at the time. We didn't really have anything, we were just doing demos, and so David had this trick bag of songs that could go no wrong, so we went in and started cutting. And what you got was the first album. Then we had to figure out how to play it live. We were kids, but we were actually really good!"

BraveWords: And who actually came up with that original riff, then?

Lukather: "David Paich, on the piano. I just put the heavy part on it by redefining the low end with some fifths and stuff like that, tripled the guitar to get a little more oomph, you know what I mean? So rock radio would embrace it. It did at first, then they started putting out ballads and then they labelled us the pussy band and wrote us off. If you come see us live, you see a whole other band." 

Happy 39th 
AC/DC’s '74 Jailbreak - October 15th, 1984

Happy 38th 
OVERKILL’s Feel The Fire - October 15th, 1985

Happy 35th 
MOTÖRHEAD's Nö Sleep At All - October 15th, 1988

Happy 40th 
MALMSTEEN + BONNET united! ALCATRAZZ’ debut No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll was unleashed 40 years ago today (October 15th, 1983). 

Happy 39th 
MANOWAR’s Sign Of The Hammer - October 15th, 1984

Happy 38th
FATES WARNING’s The Spectre Within

Happy 33rd
LED ZEPPELIN’s Remasters - October 15th, 1990

Happy 27th 
BAD COMPANY’s Stories Told & Untold - October 15th, 1996
MOTÖRHEAD’s Overnight Sensation - October 15th, 1996

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