PROGPOWER USA 2023- Day 3: Coronation In KAMELOT

September 11, 2023, 10 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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Something of a calm before the storm, with today's line-up being a little more esoteric than the speed demons on tap for Saturday. The Finns landed the first blow, Battle Beast throwing down the gauntlet, for all who would follow. 

Ad Infinitum, on tour with Kamelot, features Melissa Bonny, who pulls double duty, fronting her own outfit, as well as backing vocals with the Tampa crew. Green Carnation returned to ProgPower for the first time since '16, offering a master course of Norwegian melancholia (the next morning, they'd do the same, albeit in a private, acoustic setting). 

But the night belonged to Kamelot, their ascent mirroring the fortunes of this festival, over the last two decades. Here's some photos, a full report will be posted soon.

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