10 Rare Psychedelic Drawings By JIMI HENDRIX On Sale For $195K

November 13, 2023, 8 months ago

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10 Rare Psychedelic Drawings By JIMI HENDRIX On Sale For $195K

TMZ is reporting that a collection of rare, psychedelic drawings by Jimi Hendrix is up for sale... but fans are gonna need a lot more than a couple impressive guitar licks to score this treasure trove.

Says TMZ: "Ten drawings by Jimi are being sold by Momentsintime.com - the guitarist's artwork was drawn with a color pen in the late 1960s... and as fans know, that's exactly when Jimi's fame rose to an all-time high.The collection has a price tag of $195k and was originally a part of the Bob & Kathy Levine Collection... 2 people who worked with Jimi back in the day."

Read more at TMZ, and visit the sale page at MomentsInTime.com.

Permuted Press has announced Jimi And Me: The Experience Of A Lifetime, a remarkable memoir by a confidant of Jimi Hendrix who has never shared the details of their special collaborative relationship until now, to be published on December 5. Pre-order here.

As an aspiring writer in the late 1960s, Stathakis found himself collaborating with Jimi Hendrix on a film script, forging a unique bond that would forever change his life. Through their friendship, Stathakis became a fly on the wall, privy to Hendrix's most intimate moments and conversations. Now, for the first time ever, Stathakis shares his extraordinary experiences in "Jimi And Me," offering readers an exclusive glimpse into the private world of this iconic artist.

Jimi And Me: The Experience Of A Lifetime is a must-read for music enthusiasts, Hendrix fans, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the man behind the legend. Stathakis's vivid storytelling, combined with the never-before-seen photographs, offers a fresh and authentic perspective on Hendrix's life, his struggles, and his enduring legacy.

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