April 5, 2023, 11 months ago

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Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley again appeared on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk to discuss last week’s comments about spilling dirt on his former bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons if Stanley didn’t apologize to Frehley for stating on The Howard Stern Show that KISS would have sounded like Piss if the original four members – Frehley, Stanley, Simmons, and Peter Criss – performed at their 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

After last week's interview with Trunk, Frehley claims he had a five second call with Stanley, with him telling the guitarist, “F you. I’m not apologizing.” 

When Trunk asked if Paul contacted him, Frehley answered, "Yes he did. Not long after the show was over. I was blindsided by the phone calls. Because I saw his name come up on my cell phone. And I spoke to him a hundred different times on that number. And that can be verified by Verizon, who is my cell phone carrier. So I figured he was calling me, maybe to apologize or at least explain why he said that. Maybe he meant it really more towards Peter than me. Whatever the case may be. But instead of an apology, I got a five second phone call which said, 'F you Ace, I'm not going to apologize.’ And hung up. He said ‘Fuck you Ace, I'm not going to apologize.’ And hung up. He wasn't even man enough to let me give a rebuttal and explain why I am so upset."

Frehley also said he’s been in contact with KISS manager Doc McGhee since last week’s interview with McGhee denying that Stanley ever called him. 

Frehley also decided not to spill any dirt on his former bandmates explaining, “I spoke to several good friends who are God-fearing people and I go to AA [alcoholics anonymous] meetings with and they said, 'Don't ever sink to their level. That's what they do. That's what they've been doing for years. Why are you going to sink to their level?' So, then I came to the realization that I don't even have to bring up anything that I have hidden away in my attorney's safe deposit box. I can just talk about things that they've said about me in black and white. They can't come after me after that because they said it; it's in black and white."

Trunk wrote on social media after today’s interview: @ace_frehley just did over an hour straight once again on #TrunkNation. Thx to Ace for coming on. Hear it again anytime on demand 
@SIRIUSXM app. As usual my door is always open to all past & present @kiss members. @TrunkNationSXM”

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