ACE FREHLEY - "I've Been Writing New Music, Plus I Have Tracks That I've Already Recorded That I Have To Revisit" (Video)

December 12, 2020, a month ago

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ACE FREHLEY - "I've Been Writing New Music, Plus I Have Tracks That I've Already Recorded That I Have To Revisit" (Video)

In the clip below, Talking Metal's Mark Strigl and John "Ostronomy" Ostrosky speak with Ace Frehley about his new music he is working on, his new studio, the "I'm Down" music video, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, Joan Jet, Origins Vol. 2, Bruce Kulick, Stan Lee, comics and more.

Ace: "Beacause of this virus everybody is supposed to stay home. I have no problem staying home because I work from my house anyway. I've been writing (new music) all along, plus I have tracks that I've already recorded that I have to revisit and decide whether they have a chance to make it on my new studio record, if they have to be rewritten or if they're good just the way they are. Little by little; it's an ongoing process as it evolves."

Origins Vol. 2 continues Frehley’s reflections on a lifetime in music and inspiration. No stranger to cover versions throughout his musical history - having recorded, rebranded, and repossessed such notable nuggets as "New York Groove", "Do Ya" and "I Wanna Go Back" throughout his eight previous studio efforts - this new collection presents a thoughtful and exciting selection of songs that inspired and helped shape the legendary guitarist. That spirit of fun is carried through with exquisite execution, and guitar aficionados will enjoy Frehley's fresh interpretations of these classic songs.

Origins Vol. 2 features some extraordinary guests, including Robin Zander of Cheap Trick on Humble Pie's "30 Days In The Hole," and former KISS comrade Bruce Kulick on Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression." Origins Vol. 1 alumnus John5 also returns, playing on Cream's "Politician," and The Beatles' "I'm Down." Finally, the exquisite Lita Ford returns on vocals, this time on The Rolling Stones' 1968 hit "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

Origins Vol. 2 is the follow-up to 2016’s Origins Vol. 1, which hit #23 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and was his second highest-charting solo album and his 4th Top 40 album.

Origins Vol. 2 tracklisting:

"Good Times Bad Times" (Led Zeppelin)
"Never In My Life" (Mountain)
"Space Truckin'" (Deep Purple)
"I'm Down" (The Beatles)
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" (The Rolling Stones)
"Politician" (Cream)
"Lola" (The Kinks)
"30 Days In The Hole" (Humble Pie)
"Manic Depression" (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
"Kicks" (Paul Revere & The Raiders)
"We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" (The Animals)

Bonus track:
"She" (KISS)

"Space Truckin'" video:

"I'm Down"

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