ACE FREHLEY Looks Back On 1978 Solo Album - "It Still Holds Up To This Day"

January 7, 2024, 6 months ago

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ACE FREHLEY Looks Back On 1978 Solo Album - "It Still Holds Up To This Day"

While recently talking to Ultimate Guitar about his upcoming solo album, 10,000 Volts, original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley also looked back on his 1978 solo effort, and admitted that two of his bandmates may have unknowingly lit his creative fuse.

Frehley: "What makes that album really special is I was in a certain mindset. I remember having a meeting with the guys in the band and businessmen and management – there were about twelve of us around a table – and this was before we were going to go off and do our own albums. I remember Paul (Stanley) and Gene (Simmons) made a statement to me in front of everybody that was kind of a dig. They said, 'Oh Ace, by the way – if you need any help on your record, don't hesitate to call us.' In the back of my mind, I'm saying, 'I don't need their help.'"

"When you listen to that record, #1, it was the most successful of the four solo records, and #2, it still holds up to this day when you listen to it – even though the production isn't quite up to par as some of the albums that are produced today. But the subject matter still holds up."

Ace Frehley is featured in a new interview with Guitar World discussing his new album, 10,000 Volts. along with Trixter guitarist Steve Brown, who collaborated on the record as songwrited and producer. Following is an excerpt from the chat.

Frehley: "It’s a joy to be making music that still means something. I care about what I’m doing, and I care about my fans a lot. I must give a lot of credit to Steve for making this record with me. But based on the success of reviews of the first single, it’s great to see that what I’m doing still fucking means something in the rock world and the music industry."

Guitar World: 10,000 Volts has resonated with your fans, and your enthusiasm throughout the record is apparent. What spurred it on?

Frehley: "It was mostly the combination of Steve and me who brought completely new elements. Most of the harmonies are Steve’s, and his songwriting and lyrics, along with my guitar work and his combined, took 10,000 Volts to another level."

Brown: "It goes back to the first day we got together to work on 'Walkin’ On The Moon'. I came up with some ideas, and Ace’s fiancée, Lara, was very persistent about us working together, so we got together. It was a dream. I’m the biggest Ace fan in the world, so the ideas I had were ones I thought would suit him. And when we got together, it was just magic."

Frehley: "Steve forgets one thing – he sent me 'Walkin’ On The Moon' with different lyrics, and I came up with an idea out of his lyrics, which featured the phrase, 'Walkin' On The Moon',’ which I felt suited me so well."

Guitar World: It’s well-timed, since there's a perception generated by your past bandmates that you're not creative.

Frehley: "Paul and Gene have tried to destroy my reputation over the years – we know that. And unfortunately for them, 10,000 Volts is going to make them look like imbeciles. KISS hasn’t put out a record since 2012 (Monster), and here I am, 17 years sober, and it’s my sixth record since leaving KISS. I keep chugging along, and nobody can stop me. Creating amazing music is the best way to combat someone putting you down. That’s how I shut them up."

Read the complete interview here.

Produced by Ace and Steve Brown (Trixter), the 11-track 10,000 Volts sees Ace perform electrifying, hard-hitting, riff-heavy rock'n' roll.

Pre-order the new album here.

10,000 Volts tracklisting:

"10,000 Volts"
"Walkin’ On The Moon"
"Cosmic Heart"
"Cherry Medicine"
"Back Into My Arms Again"
"Fightin’ For Life"
"Constantly Cute"
"Life Of A Stranger"
"Up In The Sky"

"10,000 Volts" video:

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