ACE FREHLEY Wants Apology From PAUL STANLEY, Threatens To “Tell Some Dirt”

March 29, 2023, a year ago

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ACE FREHLEY Wants Apology From PAUL STANLEY, Threatens To “Tell Some Dirt”

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was a guest on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk and the original Spaceman took exception to a quote from his former bandmate Paul Stanley stating KISS would have sounded like Piss if the original four members – Frehley, Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss – performed at their 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction.

Frehley: “I'm pissed off about it, but what I'm more pissed off about is what he said. Because I think what he said was hitting below the belt. Because at the time he said that, I was already eight years sober. And he's making a statement and trying to project to the fans listening on the Howard Stern show that I was unreliable at the time. It's a complete falsehood and it's a lie and I think he's just pissed off that I left the group and I'm still successful. And they don't always sell out shows. A lot of times they paper the house. You know that, I know that."

"Let me tell you something my brother, nobody knows this, but when I was living in San Diego with my psycho girlfriend, I got a phone call from Paul, Doc [McGhee, KISS manager] and Gene. We did a conference call and they were asking me to play with them on stage. They wanted me to play. They wanted to do it. I said I'm not getting up on stage with Tommy [Thayer, current KISS guitarist] if he's wearing my makeup. You expect me to wear makeup. There will be two Spacemen, are you crazy? I'll do it if it's just us four. The original founding members who created something very special. For the last 15 years they've had, you know, other people playing what Peter did and Tommy's copying every solo I ever wrote. And trying to copy my moves. And trying to be cool on stage. Unsuccessfully. Unfortunately, with all the bombs and smoke and mirrors, they're getting away with it. 

“Personally I don't give a shit as long as I'm getting paid by them. But as far as what he said on Howard Stern, I'm going to make a statement to Paul Stanley right now. I'm telling you that I want my formal apology for what you said and a retraction and an apology within seven days. And if I don't get that within seven days, I'm going to tell some dirt. That nobody knows about Paul and Gene. That I've always kept to myself because I'm the kind of guy who doesn't talk about this. I like to talk about the positive stuff. You've read my book. You've read Paul's book. You've read Peter's book. A lot of times those guys are throwing people under the bus. In Paul's book he even threw Gene under the bus. 

“What I tried to do was have a fun, entertaining book with interesting stories and this is the way I am. I'm not the kind of guy who kisses and tells. When it comes to negativity and we've all done things that we regret over the years. It's there. I have a 120 page manuscript that I wrote after I finished my book. My attorney has it in a safety deposit box. God forbid anything happens to me, my attorney is instructed to release it to the New York Times, Rolling Stone, API, everybody. So they can't intimidate me with trying to hurt me or say you better not say anything about me live on the radio. Because then they're totally screwed. Their careers will be ruined."

Trunk posted on social media after his interview with Ace: I wouldn’t know where to even begin with @ace_frehley on #TrunkNation today. Listen to it for yourself now on @SIRIUSXM app. But to me #SillySafe is my take away…haha. Wow. As usual all past & present members of @kiss always welcome on my show.”

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