ATROCITY Release "Fire Ignites" Music Video; Okkult III Album Available Now

January 20, 2023, a week ago

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ATROCITY Release "Fire Ignites" Music Video; Okkult III Album Available Now

The grand finale of Atrocity's Okkult trilogy, Okkult III, is out now via Massacre Records. Order here, and watch a new video for the track, "Fire Ignites", below.

Guest musicians on the Okkult III album include: Elina Siirala (Leaves’ Eyes, Angel Nation), Zoe Marie Federoff (Cradle Of Filth, Catalyst Crime), Robse Dahn (Equilibrium), Misstiq, Jonah Weingarten (Catalyst Crime, Pyramaze) as well as Igor Górewicz.

Killer production by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Entertainment. Striking horror sound effects provided by Emmy Award-winning Canadian sound designer Katie Halliday (Saw, Stranger Things, Star Trek: Discovery).

The lyrical concept about the dark side of human history, obscure stories and mysterious places is spun further on Okkult III. "We look deep into the mental abysses of the serial killer Józef Cyppek from Szczecin, Poland, in the 1950s ('Cypka'), experience the great conspiracy of the Schwarze Reichswehr after World War I ('Born To Kill'), dive into the world of modern ghost conjuring ('Faces From Beyond') and into the occult machinations of the Vatican and the Order of the Knights Templar ('Bleeding For Blasphemy')," says Atrocity.

Okkult III is the culminating conclusion of the Okkult trilogy, and a self-proclaimed German death metal masterpiece.

"Desecration Of God"
"Fire Ignites"
"Born To Kill"
"Bleeding For Blasphemy"
"Priest Of Plague"
"Malicious Sukkubus" (feat. Elina Siirala & Zoe Federoff)
"Faces From Beyond"
"Teufelsmarsch" (feat. Robse Dahn & Misstiq)

"Fire Ignites" video:

"Malicious Sukkubus" video

"Desecration Of God" video:

"Born To Kill" video:

"Faces From Beyond" video:

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