BLIND GUARDIAN - Pro-Shot Video Of Entire Summer Breeze 2022 Show Streaming

August 24, 2022, 4 months ago

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BLIND GUARDIAN - Pro-Shot Video Of Entire Summer Breeze 2022 Show Streaming

German metal legends Blind Guardian performed at Summer Breeze 2022 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany on August 20th. Pro-shot livestream footage of the band's entire show can be viewed below.

The setlist was as follows:

"Into the Storm"
"Welcome to Dying"
"Time What Is Time"
"Journey Through the Dark"
"Black Chamber"
"Theatre of Pain"
"The Quest for Tanelorn"
"Ashes to Ashes"
"The Bard's Song - In the Forest"
"The Bard's Song - The Hobbit"
"The Piper's Calling"
"Somewhere Far Beyond"
"Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)"
"Mirror Mirror"

The God Machine, due to be released on September 2nd, marks another pinnacle in Blind Guardian’s impressive discography by not attempting to pretend it is still the nineties yet instead successfully relying on the muscle memory of this period. It is a gripping, addictive, and brilliantly arranged album in the tradition of records with which Blind Guardian reached for the stars in the 90s; yet, by no means, is it a throwback. The God Machine represents the heart and soul of Blind Guardian’s timeless metal in the here and now, unifying the bards’ past, present, and future secrets in one consistent, well-thought-out masterpiece.

Pre-order the album here.


“Deliver Us From Evil”
“Secrets Of The American Gods”
“Violent Shadows”
“Life Beyond The Spheres”
“Architects Of Doom”
“Let It Be No More”
“Blood Of The Elves”

“Blood Of The Elves” video:

“Secrets Of The American Gods” video:

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