- Indie Metal For The Masses Sampler Volume I Available For FREE!

May 17, 2012, 9 years ago

hot flashes news free and "Rock, Metal, Punk Download Site" presents Indie Metal For The Masses, our ongoing campaign to bring some of the finest underground music to the surface! This free heavy metal sampler is a showcase of bands that have taken advantage of the current / LoudTrax campaign to "market" their music to thousands of fans daily!

We are offering up the Indie Metal For The Masses sampler as a thank-you to fans and to further spread the word of the bands that have put faith in our campaign. Our commitment to the indie band continues so please visit us at this location for all the details.

For your free download of Indie Metal For The Masses visit here (password is BWBK). Stay tuned for Indie Metal For The Masses Volume II in the coming months!

IMORA - 'If The Shoe Fits' - 3:39

DISSOLUTION - 'Bloodlust' - 3:54

EDGE OF PARADISE - 'Mask' - 3:38

SIX POINT LEAD - 'Giveaway' - 4:42

INFERION - 'Among the Twilight' - 4:16

WORTH DYING FOR - 'Haunted' - 5:24

COMMON DEAD - 'Sinister Veil' - 3:37

THOUSAND YEAR RAIN - 'A Shadow No Longer Cast' - 3:32

CULT OF DIONYSIS - 'Behind The Mask' - 5:24

BRUTE FORCZ - 'Live For Speed' - 3:16

ASHEN REIGN - 'Hope' - 5:18

FINAL DARKNESS - 'Ghost' - 5:06

TYLER MAKOWSKI - 'Malleus Maleficarum' - 4:23

18 WHEELS OF JUSTICE - 'Blood Red Soil' - 4:40

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KILL RITUAL - “Thy Will Be Done”

KILL RITUAL - “Thy Will Be Done”

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