Brazil's SPEKTRA Release "Just Because" Music Video

July 15, 2021, 12 months ago

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Brazil's SPEKTRA Release "Just Because" Music Video

Frontiers Music Srl recently announced the release of the debut album, Overload, from Brazil's Spektra, a new, exciting project by BJ, a stellar vocalist from the modern Brazilian hard rock scene.

Overload will be released on August 6, but today, fans can get a look at the album with the release of the single and video for the track "Just Because". Watch the video below, and pre-order/save Overload here.

Spektra is BJ’s musical brainchild and his first band built from scratch featuring original music inspired by his vast range of influences including Journey, Foreigner, Winger and other melodic and hard rock masters. The goal is to deliver pure stadium rock melodies and high driven hard rock vibes with music aiming straight for the hearts of melodic rock aficionados. Produced and overseen by the legendary singer Jeff Scott Soto and Italian mastermind Alessandro Del Vecchio, Spektra will introduce BJ’s amazing voice to the international scene in 2021.

"This is a very special album for me as a singer, for sure and in a special moment of my career. I can say that I love every note, every harmony, and also these songs represent the kind of music that I love. Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, AOR....everything is there in a modern way. I sang with all my heart, with all my love. I can't wait to sing these songs live! Big fans of Journey, Talisman, Kansas, Boston, Winger, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, W.E.T., and the like will love this album, I guarantee it! I have on my side in the band my big brothers, amazing musicians that I admire and trust as a family and also the best producers ever, my big brother Mr. Jeff Scott Soto and the unbelievable talent Alessandro Del Vecchio! This is my Dream Team," says BJ.

In Spektra, BJ brings along his longtime bandmates from Tempestt and the JSS Band, Edu Cominato (drums) and Leo Mancini (guitars) as well as Henrique Canale (bass), a well known Brazilian producer and composer.

BJ is well known and respected in Brazil for his phenomenal vocal abilities and his work with Tempestt and other projects and collaborations, but also recognised internationally, being a constant member of all of Jeff Scott Soto’s bands and projects (Jeff Scott Soto Band, S.O.T.O.) as a guitarist and backing vocalist since 2009. He has recorded and released several albums with Soto, either as part of the Jeff Scott Soto band ('A Night in Madrid' CD/DVD, 'Damage Control', 'Loud and Live in Milan') or S.O.T.O. ('Inside the Vertigo', 'Divak', 'Origami'). He is also a member of the latest iteration of Talisman (on keyboards and backing vocals) for their recent appearances at major European Festivals.

Since 2014, BJ has also been the lead singer for the Greek hard rock band Danger Angel with whom he has recorded and released one album (All The King's Horses). He has toured Europe and Latin America extensively while also participating in most of the major festivals including Sweden Rock, Graspop, Hard Rock Hell AOR, Monsters of Rock Cruise, Rock of Ages, Bang Your Head, etc.

BJ has also released a solo album of covers containing music from his heroes and influences, titled Acoustic Heroes.


"Runnin' Out Of Time"
"Just Because"
"Since I Found You"
"Our Love"
"Don't Matter"
"Back Into Light"
"Behind Closed Door"
"Lonely Road"

"Just Because" video:

"Overload" video:


BJ - Vocals
Leo Mancini - Guitars
Edu Cominato - Drums
Henrique Canale - Bass

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