BRYMIR Share "Borderland" Drum Playthrough Video

November 15, 2022, a week ago

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BRYMIR Share "Borderland" Drum Playthrough Video

Helsinki, Finland-based melodic death metal force, Brymir, have released a drum playthrough video for "Borderland", featured on their Napalm Records debut, Voices In The Sky, released back in August. Watch below:

Walking the line between melodic death metal and traditional genres like folk and classical music Brymir continuously pioneer the limits of the genre, dashing ahead with their notorious sound. Mixing endless riffs, with catchy choruses, blistering solos and a flawless production, the unit creates skillful soundscapes of pure epicness.

Voices In The Sky tracklisting:

"Voices In The Sky"
"Forged In War"
"Fly With Me"
"Herald Of Aegir"
"Rift Between Us"
"Far From Home"
"Seeds Of Downfall"
"All As One"
"Diabolis Interium" (Bonus)

“Forged In War” lyric video:

“Fly With Me” video:

“Herald Of Aegir” lyric video:

"Voices In The Sky" video:


Viktor Gullichsen - vocals
Joona Björkroth - guitars, backing vocals
Sean Haslam - guitars
Jarkko Niemi – bass, backing vocals
Patrik Fält - drums

(Photo - Janica Lönn)

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