BW&BK Exclusive - Abbath On The Possibility Of A New IMMORTAL Album: "We're Going To Continue Where We Stopped With Blizzard Beasts"

October 18, 2006, 17 years ago

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Speaking with BW&BK; about his new musical venture I, IMMORTAL frontman Abbath shed some light on the possibility of a new Immortal album that could follow the band's reunion shows.

Says Abbath, "After the shows next year, we'll see where we are at with Immortal and how the spirit in the band is. Because I already have ideas if we are gonna do a new Immortal album!

If it happens, we’re not gonna continue from Sons Of Northern Darkness, because Sons, Damned In Black, and At The Heart Of Winter were like a trio.

I talked to Demonaz about it and if Immortal continues, we’re going to continue where we stopped with Blizzard Beasts. With Blizzard Beasts, we wanted to go like MORBID ANGEL, but we bit more than we could chew (laughs). We definitely weren’t ready to go in the studio, even though the songs are great. Not so long ago, we even talked about re-recording Blizzard Beasts. But we have a lot of fans who like that album the way it is. So we’ll let it be and if we do another album with Immortal, we’ll see if we can go back and just continue from there instead of slowing down and going in the direction of At The Heart Of Winter.

And that’s how we're thinking in Immortal right now. But right now it’s cool to work with some rock n’ roll shit!"

As previously reported, Immortal have reunited for a string of exclusive shows for 2007 which include Wacken Open Air, Inferno Festival, and two U.S. dates in July (on the 13th at B.B. Kings in New York and on the 15th at The Avalon in Los Angeles).

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