Chilean Metal Relief - Download And Donate Now!

April 15, 2010, 14 years ago

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As previously reported, the Chilean Metal Relief is a project lead by Ignacio Orellana, drummer for NY based band DOWNFIRE, who has brought together several metal musicians from Chile and from the international metal community in an effort of solidarity to record some songs aimed at benefiting the victims of this past February 27th earthquake in Chile. All proceedings obtained from these songs will be donated to help the disaster victims rebuild their lives and communities.

The songs are available for purchase at this location.

Loud Trax has conducted an interview with Ignacio Orellana about the Chilean relief effort and the Chilean Metal Relief project. Comments Orellana: "After the earthquake I saw how people around me didn’t care about it, and I just wanted to tell them 'Hey, this can happen to you tomorrow, cause we do not have control over these types of things.' If you give little hope and help to other people you’ll be helping yourself in the end, cause what comes around goes around."

Check out the entire interview at

The songs - 'Give Help To Yourself' and 'Ayudanos Hoy!' (meaning 'Help Today!') - are currently streaming at this location.

Musicians include:

Laura Vargas (vocals; SACRAMENTO)

Caio Duarte (vocals; DYNAHEAD

Daniel Duarte (vocals; EXECRATOR)

Sebastian Osorio (guitars; RAINING)

Francisco Martin (bass; THE GARDNERZ)

Ignacio Orellana (drums; Downfire)

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