DANKO JONES Share Electric Sounds Behind-The-Scenes Recording Footage Featuring EXCITER Guitarist DANIEL DEKAY

September 24, 2023, 5 months ago

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DANKO JONES Share Electric Sounds Behind-The-Scenes Recording Footage Featuring EXCITER Guitarist DANIEL DEKAY

Toronto rockers Danko Jones have shared more behind-the-scenes video from the recording sessions for their new album, Electric Sounds, featuring Exciter guitarist Daniel Dekay. Check it out below.

Dekay: "Thank you Danko Jones for having me lay down this spicy lead on the title track. Here’s some BTS from the studio recording 'Electric Sounds'. The record sounds incredible and I’m so proud to have played a small role in it. Lon live Rock N' Roll!"


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With Electric Sounds, which is out now, Toronto’s archbishops of amplification prove that even a global pandemic couldn’t stop Danko Jones.

“Not working for two years really felt like touring rock bands were being put out to pasture,” recalls Danko. “But I guess that only made us try harder. We were still able to record and release an album during the pandemic (Power Trio, 2021). We toured as soon as we were allowed. Now that Electric Sounds is getting released, it doesn’t feel like we missed a beat. During the pandemic, we moved away from each other. JC lives in Finland and Rich lives in Prince Edward Island. So the writing for this band has changed. We used to bash out ideas in our rehearsal place, day after day, but it’s more about sending files back and forth now. However, last summer, while on tour, we did manage to jam out ideas in a rehearsal room in Berlin for a few days. Out of those jams came the nubs for five songs...”

Five songs have since been expanded to eleven new Danko Jones songs, and Electric Sounds promises to have the instant sound and feel of a classic. With no need to reinvent the wheel, the group have further honed and refined their craft - always at full volume - although Electric Sounds is a deceptively diverse affair. No band has ever sounded more ready to hit the road than the pumped-up threesome showcased on the hell-for-leather ragers featured on their forthcoming album.

Electric Sounds was produced by Eric Ratz, and features guest spots from Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies), Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) and guitarist Daniel Dekay (from Canadian thrash legends Exciter).

Pre-order the album here.

Electric Sounds tracklisting:

"Guess Who's Back"
"Good Time"
"Electric Sounds"
"Get High?"
"Stiff Competition"
"She's My Baby"
"Eye For An Eye"
"I Like It"
"Let's Make Out"
"What Goes Around"
"Shake Your City"

"Guess Who's Back" lyric video:

"Good Time" lyric video:

Danko Jones is:

Danko Jones - Vocals/Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Rich Knox - Drums

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