DARKEST HOUR Release "One With The Void" Music Video; Perpetual | Terminal Album Out Now

February 23, 2024, a month ago

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DARKEST HOUR Release "One With The Void" Music Video; Perpetual | Terminal Album Out Now

Washington, D.C. quintet Darkest Hour - Mike Schleibaum [guitar], John Henry [vocals], Aaron Deal [bass], Travis Orbin [drums], and Nico Santora [guitar] - have released their tenth album, Perpetual | Terminal, via MNRK Heavy.

To celebrate the album's arrival, the band has shared the video for "One With The Void". Watch below.

"This song, as well as this album, showcases John's amazing talents like none other," says Schleibaum. "With this in mind, we chose to unveil this song, 'One With The Void, as our third video and single for the release of Perpetual | Terminal. An emotional leap, 'One With The Void' channels the melodic, dark, and atmospheric side of Darkest Hour. We are excited to premier this song alongside this incredible video by Mirko Witzki. This song is so personal to me, I love it. It continues the long tradition of John combining his amazing melodic talents with his introspective lyrical approach. To me, this is a love song; others might see another story, regardless there is no doubt this song expands the musical pallet of this band and brings a balance to this record that makes it perfect."

Henry himself states, "This is probably my favorite song off too he new album. The music spoke to me from the early stages of the writing process and I knew this would be a special one. All the space created by the band really inspired me to get creative with the vocal melodies and try new approaches. It's always a risky feeling trying new ideas and expanding on the established sound of the band, but also the most rewarding part of the process for me."

Darkest Hour will hit the road for a headline tour next week. Mouth Of War, Filth Is Eternal, IAM, and Somnuri will also appear. The tour kicks off February 29 in Richmond, VA and runs through April 6 in their hometown of D.C.

Order Perpetual | Terminal here.


"Perpetual | Terminal"
"Societal Bile"
"A Prayer To The Holy Death"
"The Nihilist Undone"
"One With The Void"
"Amor Fati"
"Love Is Fear"
"New Utopian Dream"
"My Only Regret"
"Goddess Of War, Give Me Something to Die For"

"Societal Bile" video:

"Perpetual | Terminal" video:

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