DEAR MOTHER Guitarist MEREL BECHTOLD Shares Playthrough Video For New "Satellite" Single

April 7, 2021, a week ago

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DEAR MOTHER Guitarist MEREL BECHTOLD Shares Playthrough Video For New "Satellite" Single

Alternative metal/rock trio, Dear Mother, recently released  new single, "Satellite", the third track from their upcoming album, set to arrive on July 16. Guitarist Merel Bechtold has posted a playthrough video for "Satellite", available below.

The recent split of Delain is still fresh, but former members Joey Marin de Boer and Merel Bechtold have already released two singles, "Symbiose" and "12 Years In Exile".

Joey Marin de Boer and the other members left Delain in February. In 2019, Bechtold left to focus on different musical ambitions. Dear Mother is the result of that.

"After a long search we found David. A London stranded Russian vocalist, to complete the lineup. The first time I heard him sing on one of our songs I was blown away by his sound and capabilities. And you know what... he’s a super nice guy and on top of that he is the director and producer of all our music videos!," says Merel.

Compared to the previous singles, "Satellite" displays a more Australian alternative rock sound. "After releasing 2 ‘bangers’ we wanted to show you our other side. This song is more about the song and less about punching you in the face and just smashing you around. I feel that that was what we did with the first two songs, in a good way," Joey says.

"For me this is one of the coolest songs of the album. I don’t scream as much as in the previous two, and we tried something different in the chorus, vocal wise. Which is very exciting," says David.

"12 Years In Exile"



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