DEE DEE RAMONE’s Iconic Stage-Worn Leather Jacket Up For Auction

May 31, 2023, a year ago

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DEE DEE RAMONE’s Iconic Stage-Worn Leather Jacket Up For Auction

In a moment that has punk enthusiasts and rock 'n' roll fans on the edge of their seats, the historic black leather Schott motorcycle jacket worn by punk pioneers Dee Dee Ramone and CJ Ramone is set to go under the hammer by Boston-based RR Auction. 

This iconic garment, synonymous with the rebellious spirit of the Ramones, serves as a time capsule of punk rock history. Donned on stage for an impressive 11-year stretch, this jacket witnessed the pulsating energy of the Ramones' unforgettable performances.

Dee Dee Ramone, the bassist known for his untamed presence, first acquired the jacket in 1985, and it quickly became his battle armor for Ramones concerts. From the explosive riffs of "Blitzkrieg Bop" to the wild intensity of "I Wanna Be Sedated," this jacket bore witness to the Ramones' trailblazing sonic onslaughts. With Dee Dee's final show in July 1989, the jacket found itself enshrined in the band's cherished wardrobe touring case, awaiting its next chapter.

Enter CJ Ramone, who stepped into the Ramones' formidable lineage as their new bassist. Embracing the legacy with unparalleled passion, CJ inherited the mantle of the leather jacket. As he donned this sacred punk artifact during his inaugural Ramones live performance, it was clear that a new chapter in punk rock history was unfolding. Tour after tour, CJ channeled the essence of the Ramones through this very jacket, capturing the raw power and frenetic spirit that defined the band's unrivaled musical legacy.

Adorned with the autographs of both Dee Dee and CJ, this leather jacket embodies the punk rock ethos, with its snap-down lapels, shoulder epaulets, zippered sleeve cuffs, and side pockets. The U.S. Air Force cap insignia on the right lapel and the U.S. Army captain rank pins on the epaulets, added by CJ Ramone himself, elevate this historic artifact to an emblem of punk rock defiance.

Renowned artist Andy [Armstrong] Gore, who now serves as the consignor of this remarkable piece, acquired the jacket directly from CJ Ramone upon the band's retirement. The cherished artifact comes with an impeccable letter of provenance, in which Gore shares the tale of his unexpected acquisition. When the Ramones bid farewell to the stage, Gore mustered the courage to inquire if CJ would part with the iconic jacket. To his astonishment, CJ gifted him this legendary piece of punk history, asking only for a few screen-printed t-shirts for his new band, 'Los Gusanos.' A priceless exchange that solidified the jacket's journey into the hands of a true devotee.

As the leather jacket embarks on its next chapter, anticipation builds among collectors and music enthusiasts alike. This transcendent artifact represents more than just a garment—it's a portal into the maelstrom of punk rock's golden era. With a starting bid of $5,000, the auction promises to be a battleground for those seeking to own a tangible piece of the Ramones' unparalleled legacy.

Head to for more details and to place a bid.

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