DEE SNIDER On Censorship - "It's Gone From Being A Right Wing Conservative, Puritanical Thing To A Liberal, Hypersensitive Social Consciousness"

July 20, 2021, 6 months ago

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DEE SNIDER On Censorship - "It's Gone From Being A Right Wing Conservative, Puritanical Thing To A Liberal, Hypersensitive Social Consciousness"

Episode 157 of The Chuck Shute Podcast features an interview with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, found below. He discusses his forthcoming solo album, Leave A Scar, Cobra Kai, Skid Row, his comeback, censorship and much more.

On present day concerts and unvaccinated people

Snider: "But as far as touring, I think we'll be back to the new - whether it's a new normal - where we're at with the vaccines or whatever, but it'll be behind us by 2022. And I think that's when festivals will open. And I figure that the non-vaccinated will probably die off. So we'll be rocking. I'm cool with that. Vaccinated people - hey, it's your choice - I support your choice."

On working with Skid Row and Sebastian Bach

Snider: "I was wondering about that...because... I remembered that I kind of counseled them through the making of the second record that Sebastian was already getting a little... I'm friends with both sides, but Sebastian got a little difficult. I remember he was at my house. And he's staying with me, and he wouldn't answer the phone, he would only respond to faxes. So the band would have to first of all, let you know where he was. So I have to find out where he was in order to get them a fax. And then they'd have to fax him a message that he responds to otherwise he wouldn't, he wouldn't talk to them. And so I try to.... like, dude, that's not gonna work. Yeah. And, so I kind of counseled both sides, and helped them get there. And they thanked me in the credits. But unfortunately, that didn't last forever. I mean, I love Sebastian, and we're really good friends. I'm probably closer with him than the rest of the rest of the band. But still, we're lead singers. We're frontmen, we're damaged. We can't be difficult."

On the current state of censorship

Snider: "Censorship has always existed. Yeah, just people got to understand that it's never gone away. It's just the first time somebody said or did something. Somebody else said, 'You can't do that.' Okay, trust me. There's always and it goes back throughout time. Creatives, artists- people have pushed back on censorship and try to push the boundaries, and the people who were behind censorship used to be very puritanical. They would give an inch and they get it you can't go here and then the creatives kept pushing, kept pushing, kept pushing. That's our job is to be creative and to push. And the censor's - it's their job, apparently, is to push back and they keep drawing lines. And we keep stepping over the line. It goes on and on and on and on. The odd thing is the censorship never went away. The pendulum has swung, and it's gone from being a right wing conservative, puritanical thing, to a liberal, hypersensitive social consciousness... and not that I'm not, but you can't say that because that hurts a feeling. This makes people feel put upon and this is insulting. It's coming very much from the left now, which is very odd." 

Following his new Leave A Scar album's charging first single of resilience, “I Gotta Rock (Again)”, Dee Snider is thrilled to reveal the album's second single, "Time To Choose", featuring the brutalizing vocals of Cannibal Corpse’s George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Backed by an energetic lyric video, the track blends Corpsegrinder’s eviscerating lows with Snider’s razor sharp cleans, making for a dynamic yet ruthless burner listeners won’t soon forget!

Dee says about "Time To Choose":

"'Time To Choose' deals with a subject I've addressed often over the course of my writing career: good vs. evil (see ‘Burn In Hell’). Given the heaviness of this track, I felt adding George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's voice to this would drive home the seriousness of the choices we make. I was honored when he agreed to contribute his incredibly powerful voice."

Like a scar itself, Leave A Scar is an illuminating plentitude of angst etched in time – serving as a musical refuge and expressive output for Dee. But in turn, this auditory time capsule written to express the anger, unease and pain he experienced during lockdown emerges as not only blisteringly heavy, but relentlessly powerful. Each of the 12 tracks on Leave A Scarnot only further bolster Dee Snider’s position as one of the most celebrated frontmen of all time, showcasing that his vocal delivery and commanding swagger is as strong as ever, but that he is nowhere near stopping.

Heads will bang within seconds of the hard-charging opening notes of ultra-catchy album starter and lifer anthem “I Gotta Rock (Again)”, instantly setting the stage for the non-stop onslaught of metallic mainstays to come. Tracks like the brutal “Time To Choose” – featuring the primed guest vocal attack of Cannibal Corpse’s George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher – and mosh-ready “The Reckoning” showcase the album’s heavy assault, without sacrificing the harmonic goodness evident on tracks like the unrelenting, hooky thrasher “All Or Nothing More” and melodic, metalcore inspired “In For The Kill”. Energetic single of strength “Down But Never Out” encapsulates the chunky riffage and driving drums palpable throughout the album, while searing “Before I Go” provides one of the album’s most massive, memorable choruses and chilling lyrics. The album closes with victorious ballad “Stand”, a call for listeners to take a stand and make their voices heard. If For The Love Of Metal ignited Dee Snider’s eminent surge into a new era – Leave A Scar sets it ablaze.

Dee Snider says about Leave A Scar: “By the end of 2020, I knew I not only had to get back into the studio, but for the first time since the '90s, I wanted – no, needed – to be a part of the writing process. I reached out to my producer Jamey Jasta and told him I was ready to make another record. Leave a Scar is filled with messages to and for the silent voices in the world who need someone to speak out on their behalf. This is my purpose.”

Jamey Jasta says regarding working with Dee Snider again: “Getting to work with Dee again has been incredible! The power and range in his vocals on this album really shine. Not only is he an American treasure and staple in the rock/metal community, he’s a truly original voice and talent like no other. Combine that with the metallic prowess of the Bellmore bros + Russell Pzütto and Nick Petrino, you get a rockin’ metal recipe that even the most "Dee-hard" SMF’ers will surely love!”

Leave A Scar will be available in North America in the following formats:

- CD Jewel Case
- 1LP Gatefold BLACK
- 1LP Gatefold RED
- 1LP Gatefold GOLD (Napalm Mailorder only – limited to 400)
- 1LP Gatefold SPLATTER RED/BLUE/WHITE (Napalm Mailorder only – limited to 300)
- Dee-Hard 1LP Gatefold Edition RED/BLACK Marbled - LP size Album Art Patch & Slipmat (Napalm Mailorder only – limited to 200)
- Dee-Lux Wooden Box Edition: JC, 7" Single, Leather Wristband, Logo Pin (Napalm Mailorder only – limited to 500)
- Digital Album

Pre-order here.


"I Gotta Rock (Again)"
"All Or Nothing More"
"Down But Never Out"
"Before I Go"
"Open Season"
"Silent Battles"
"Crying For Your Life"
"In For The Kill"
"Time To Choose"
"The Reckoning"

"I Gotta Rock (Again)" video:

Band lineup:

Dee Snider - Vocals
Charlie Bellmore - Guitar & Background Vocals
Nick Bellmore - Drums
Russell Pzütto - Bass & Background Vocals
Nick Petrino - Guitar & Background Vocals

(Photo - Paul McGuire)

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