DEVIN TOWNSEND - "In An Entirely Unexpected Turn Of Events, I Am Now Playing Kiesel Headless Guitars As Well As My Framus 'Headed' Ones"

March 17, 2023, 6 days ago

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DEVIN TOWNSEND - "In An Entirely Unexpected Turn Of Events, I Am Now Playing Kiesel Headless Guitars As Well As My Framus 'Headed' Ones"

Devin Townsend has checked in from the road in Europe with a new gear update. Read the entire message below.

Devin: "So, in an entirely unexpected turn of events, I am now playing Kiesel headless guitars as well as my Framus 'headed' ones. Id like to use this opportunity to explain this relationship and how it came about, and how it relates to Framus.

First off: I use the things I use because I love them, and they fill a requirement in my work that fits perfectly with what I am trying to do. 

During the pandemic, Kiesel sent me a little tiny, headless, Alan Holdsworth signature guitar that was unlike any guitar I had ever played. At first, I didn’t think I would have use for it, but  I was shocked by the build quality and feel and found myself playing it… a LOT. However, I also had no intention of leaving Framus so it was a little awkward. Kiesel didn’t send me it under any pretence of trying to 'lure me away' or anything, and it was actually me that ended up contacting them about working together. You see, Chrys Johnson (the A&R guy) has been a friend of mine for years (and played with me on the Ghost live at Union Chapel DVD). I considered it a kind gesture but nothing more. However, over the course of the pandemic I fell in love with the guitar because it did something for me that no other guitars I had could do. 

Because of its small size, I could play it constantly while sitting on the couch or in bed and ended up writing The Puzzle and Snuggles with that very guitar. I loved how small it was, I loved the lack of headstock, and I loved that it was absolutely not a toy… it was a superior quality instrument that was frankly a huge source of inspiration. But the problem with endorsements is often you run the risk of looking really tacky by jumping ship or making flippant decisions with the companies you work with. These are ultimately personal relationships and as such, I felt weird about saying I was playing the guitar without contacting Framus first.
I called Hans Peter and I asked permission to use these guitars in a professional capacity (endorsement) based on the fact that this is a type of instrument Framus does not make. As much as the Stormbender is perfect for my heavy work, the little headless Kiesel’s are perfect for my ambient work. I am hereby announcing that for that part of my work, I use Kiesel headless guitars. Thanks to Framus for being understanding of my desire to be public with that. I use the equipment I use because I love it, not because I’m trying to sell people things.

The above guitar was made for this touring cycle for me by Kiesel. I use this guitar for the solo section of the tour and the song 'Deep Peace' it is essentially their 'Holdsworth' model, (like the one they originally sent me) only it has my Fishman Transcendence pickups installed. Mahogany body with a flame maple top, ebony fretboard, and a thick, roasted maple set neck. Just such fun and creative instruments. Love them. They really inspire me.
Thanks so much to Jeff Kiesel for understand and respecting my relationship with Framus, while agreeing to help me with my ambient work and these guitars. Visit them at"

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