DEVOID Premier "Man Without Fear" Music Video; Lonely Eye Movement Album Out Now

October 15, 2021, a month ago

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DEVOID Premier "Man Without Fear" Music Video; Lonely Eye Movement Album Out Now

Frontiers Music Srl has released French melodic metal band Devoid's second album, Lonely Eye Movement. Watch a video for the song "Man Without Fear" below, and order/save the Lonely Eye Movement album here.

Devoid's second album overall, Lonely Eye Movement is a huge step forward for the band and the perfect vehicle to introduce them to a larger international audience. Coming four years after their debut album, Cup Of Tears, musically, the band develops the melodic and slightly progressive sound of the debut and makes Lonely Eye Movement perfectly suited for fans of hard hitting, but very melodic metal.

Devoid is the brainchild of French guitarist extraordinaire Shad Mae. Combining technical finesse and outstanding arrangements with extremely memorable choruses and hooks, Devoid is rounded out by powerhouse German vocalist Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Evidence One, Book of Reflections), guitarist Gwen Kerjan, keyboardist Jorris Guilbaud, bassist Geoffrey Shob Neau, and drummer Benjamin Lesous.  


"Lonely Eye Movement"
"Man Without Fear"
"Destination Heaven"
"Waiting For The Storm"
"In The Absence Of Holiness"
"Mirror Maze"
"Hands Of Salvation"
"Stroboscope Life"
"Martial Hearts"
"Wood And Wind"

"Man Without Fear" video:

"Martial Hearts":

"Hands Of Salvation" lyric video:

"Lonely Eye Movement" video:


Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz - Vocals
Shad Mae - Guitars
Gwen Kerjan - Guitars
Jorris Guilbaud - Keyboards
Geoffrey 'Shob' Neau - Bass
Benjamin Lesous - Drums

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