DISCHARGE Members React To MAYHEM's Cover In New Trailer For Upcoming EP; Video

June 17, 2021, a year ago

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DISCHARGE Members React To MAYHEM's Cover In New Trailer For Upcoming EP; Video

For their upcoming Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP, the most notorious black metal band have reflected on their influences by covering songs from bands like Discharge, Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni and Ramones with an impressive bursting and darkened sound.

Members of Discharge comment in this new video trailer:

In addition to the mentioned cover versions, Mayhem have issued a previously unreleased track called "Voces Ab Alta", which was recorded during the Daemon session.

The video was done by high the praised artwork and video wizard Costin Chioreanu (Ghost, Opeth, Napalm Death) who impressively captured the atmosphere and the darkness of this performance visually.

The video can be seen below, and the song is also available on all major streaming platforms, here.

The Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP will be released on July 9.

The visual concept was once again handled by Italian designer Daniele Valeriani (Lucifer’s Child, Dark Funeral) who already took care of the artwork for their previous long player Daemon.

The band comments: “I always had some punk influences,” says Attila. “I guess it comes from my childhood when we were constantly looking for more extreme music. That’s how I discovered Dead Kennedys, GBH, The Exploited, Sex Pistols, U.K. Subs, Discharge, Rudimentary Peni and so on, in the early 80’s, alongside heavy metal. But then I discovered Venom, that was a game changer!”

Necrobutcher further adds: “We got some extra time in the studio recording the Daemon album two years ago, all band members were asked to punch in two cover tracks for some extra material. I chose songs by Deathstrike (The Truth) and Death (Evil Dead) which were both used as the bonus tracks on the album. My other contribution was to bring in two old members because of their obvious connection with punk: Maniac on the Dead Kennedys track and Billy (Messiah) on the Discharge track and some of the others.”

“Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” EP is available in the following formats:

* Deluxe silver 180g LP + CD Box Set (incl. 3 Art Prints + Slipmat)
- The 3 available graphics make up the overall concept from the already released visuals of the  Daemon Box Set. The total of 6 graphics were considered as an alternative cover versions of the Daemon album and will not be reproduced after this limited edition run.
- The Slipmat contains a special print of the back cover (Punk-Head) of this EP!
- Limited to 1,000 units

(500 CM Distro Wholesale & CM EU Shop / 300 Band Shop / 200 CM US Shop)

* CD Digipak

* 180g LP (double sided album cover!)
- Black LP (all outlets)
- Grey LP – 300 units (CM Distro Wholesale & CM EU Shop)
- Tangerine LP – 200 units (CM US Shop)
- Creamy white LP – 300 units (EMP)
- Dark Green LP – 300 units (Nuclear Blast)
- Deep Blood Red LP – 300 units (Mayhem Webshop)
- Aqua LP – 500 units (US Indie Stores)

* Digital EP

Pre-Order for all formats starts today and can be made here.


Side A
"Voces Ab Alta"
"Black Glass Communion"
"Everlasting Dying Flame"

Side B
"In Defense Of Our Future" (Discharge cover)
"Hellnation" (Dead Kennedys cover)
"Only Death" (Rudimentary Peni cover)
"Commando" (Ramones cover)

Mayhem is:

Necrobutcher – Bass
Hellhammer – Drums
Attila – Vocals
Teloch – Guitar
Ghul – Guitar

(Photo - Ester Segarra)

Featured Audio

VENOM INC. – “Come To Me” (Nuclear Blast)

VENOM INC. – “Come To Me” (Nuclear Blast)

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